How to Start Making Your Own Art

a messy painter with brushes

There are plenty of reasons to create art. Whether you want to work as a professional artist or you’re trying to learn how to start making art for personal enjoyment and stress relief, there are so many creative outlets that may work for you. From sewing and woodworking to painting and sculpting tiny clay figurines,

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Find the Right Museum for You

people on a staircase in a modern art museum

A museum curates different types of artifacts and artwork for people to explore and enjoy. It’s an educational space that can evoke many emotions, from wonder and curiosity to joy and sorrow. If you’re planning a museum trip but you’re not sure which one to visit, check out this guide to help find a museum

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Art Museum Etiquette 101

man standing in front of a painting

It’s easy to get carried away by the beauty of art. Still, you should always maintain your awareness of appropriate behavior in a museum if you want to have a good experience on a tour. If you follow basic art museum etiquette, the guards won’t have to come over and give you a metaphorical slap

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How to Understand Art From The Eyes of an Artist

a self-portrait of Vincent Van Gogh hanging on a wall

What Is Art to an Artist? When people visit a museum or gallery, they typically only spend about 17 seconds looking at each work. While it’s easy and quick to simply identify an image or object and move on, understanding it is far more difficult — and more rewarding. To truly appreciate art, you need

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Best Summer 2021 Art Exhibitions in Los Angeles

massive mural art exhibition

Los Angeles is one of the world’s premier destinations for art, both contemporary and classic. While you can also find some of the best art museums in Los Angeles, popup exhibitions are becoming just as popular! Check out FrameStore’s list of the top summer art exhibitions in Los Angeles for 2021, and expand your horizons with new and unique experiences!

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Best Art Websites for Kids

a gallery of paintings in a museum

Getting kids and teens interested in art takes more than a visit or two to a staid museum where they have to be quiet and aren’t allowed to touch anything. Even before COVID-19 closed many galleries, museums were already developing interactive exhibits online and in person to appeal to younger audiences and their families.

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Shadow Box Frame Ideas

a wall decorated with canvas and shadow box framed art

Whether you want to decorate your home with keepsakes, art, or anything else, a shadow box could be the perfect way to display these items. From jersey shadow box ideas to pet memorial frame ideas, FrameStore can help you explore your many options. Check out our overview of shadow boxes and choose from our favorite

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Picture Frame Materials 101

stacked frames and artwork

At FrameStore, we strive to provide comprehensive information about all your framing options. Whether you’re getting your fine art custom-framed or you’re exploring your options for a shadow box, our framers work with you one-on-one to craft the perfect frames for your needs. Explore our overview of picture frame materials to learn more about wood,

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