Displaying Frames

Wall Art Decor Ideas for Kitchens

dining room with framed wall art decor, kitchen table, chairs, and plants

Kitchens are places where people spend a lot of time eating, gathering, and relaxing. Having well-thought-out decor is the perfect way to add even more flavor to the room and show your personality. Whether you are just sitting and enjoying your coffee in the morning or hosting a large gathering, these framed wall art ideas

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How to Arrange Picture Frames on a Gallery Wall

four black frames with giraffe gallery pictures hanging on a white wall with hanging lights

There are many different ways to display art on your walls. If you want to showcase a collection of framed pictures, a gallery wall would provide an excellent approach. Learn how to create a gallery wall with our four simple tips. 4 Steps to Designing a Wall Gallery 1. Choose Your Art The first step

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A Guide to Picture Frame Types

ten black-and-white framed pictures set in two rows on a white wall

No matter what you are framing, there are many options for your wall display. Finding the correct frame for your artwork is important to make sure its presentation is chic, modern, and aligns with your decor preferences. Here is a list of four art frame types to help you decide what frame style you want

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How to Frame Pictures

Hand holding white rustic picture frame at mountain with ocean view

Decorating the walls of your house is an exciting task to complete. However, figuring out how to frame your photos or artwork before displaying them can be another story. Learn how to frame a picture professionally from the experts at FrameStore. Things to Consider When Framing Artwork Materials The material used in the frame will

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Where Can I Get A Picture Framed in Los Angeles?

Empty frames sitting on a counter in a modern-style store with a table, four chairs, and glass windows.

Pictures, diplomas, awards, and more need high-quality frames to help keep them safe. If you are searching where to frame pictures in the Los Angeles area, you have plenty of options, but finding the right one to craft the custom frame you are looking for isn’t always easy. We know that finding the right frame

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Wall Art Ideas to Hang Above Your Couch

a mirror as wall art behind the couch

Designing the home decor in your space can be a challenge if you’ve never done it before. For many, the blank space above their couch is the biggest hurdle they have to tackle on their home decor journey. If you have a beautiful blank wall and you’re not sure what to do with it, FrameStore

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Wall Art Ideas For The Bedroom

gallery style bedroom wall with black and white photos

Bedroom Decorating Tips Your bedroom is the most personal room in your home, and it should reflect you and your sense of design. When it comes to wall art ideas for your bedroom, make sure to add what you love to the space, customizing it with all the things that make you happiest. If you’re

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How to Arrange Wall Art

wall art arrangement in the bedroom

Wall Art Grouping Ideas & More If you’re wondering how to arrange wall art in your home or office, FrameStore is here with a handy guide that can help. In just four steps, we can guide you through the entire process and provide some wall art grouping ideas to get you started. Read on here

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Wall Art Design For a Stylish Room

yellow-themed wall art design

Are you looking for fresh wall art design ideas to refresh your space? Whether you have empty walls in an office, bedroom, or even the bathroom, a few additions can completely change the energy of any room. No matter which style you prefer, FrameStore can help you find something that enhances your existing decor and

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