Fine Art

What is Archival Framing?

five pieces of art in ornate gold frames hanging in a museum

When you come into possession of original fine art or an heirloom family photograph, the method of preserving its value is referred to as archival framing, also known as preservation framing or conservation framing. In this process, museum-quality materials are used to protect your delicate artwork or photograph from environmental or airborne damage. Without proper

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Wall Art for Large Walls

abstract canvas wall art

Our Best Wall Art Ideas for Large Walls You finally have a space that allows you to try innovative design ideas, but your walls seem a little too big. At FrameStore, we know how daunting it can be to look at a blank white wall and wonder what you’re supposed to do with it. Our

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Art Appreciation: Get the Most Out of Viewing Paintings

woman looking at abstract painting

A Lesson in Painting Appreciation While it may feel like you need a degree to truly appreciate art, at FrameStore, we believe that art is for everyone. If you’ve ever felt that you don’t understand how to appreciate paintings or you want to ensure a more comprehensive museum experience, we can help you learn more

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Appreciating Artwork for Beginners

man in front of a fine art piece

A Beginner’s Guide to Art Appreciation Some people might feel intimidated by the art world, thinking it’s a place reserved for erudite professors, gallery owners, and artists themselves. But, at FrameStore, we believe that everyone is able to appreciate artwork! If you’re interested in learning more about art, we have some helpful tips to equip

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Questions to Ask Yourself When Viewing Art

religious renaissance painting

Essential Art Questions If you’re truly trying to understand the motivations of an artist or the message a particular piece is made to convey, you must look at art through fresh eyes. The seven principles of art may give you some clue as to the composition of a piece, but there are certain art questions

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What Are The 7 Principles of Art?

yellow-themed wall art design

When it comes to art and design, there is a foundational language that includes 7 art principles that help people communicate across all cultures and barriers. These principles are crucial to evaluating the different elements of a piece; they represent how an artist uses the elements of art to create their piece and share their

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How to Start Making Your Own Art

a messy painter with brushes

There are plenty of reasons to create art. Whether you want to work as a professional artist or you’re trying to learn how to start making art for personal enjoyment and stress relief, there are so many creative outlets that may work for you. From sewing and woodworking to painting and sculpting tiny clay figurines,

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Find the Right Museum for You

people on a staircase in a modern art museum

A museum curates different types of artifacts and artwork for people to explore and enjoy. It’s an educational space that can evoke many emotions, from wonder and curiosity to joy and sorrow. If you’re planning a museum trip but you’re not sure which one to visit, check out this guide to help find a museum

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Art Museum Etiquette 101

man standing in front of a painting

It’s easy to get carried away by the beauty of art. Still, you should always maintain your awareness of appropriate behavior in a museum if you want to have a good experience on a tour. If you follow basic art museum etiquette, the guards won’t have to come over and give you a metaphorical slap

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How to Understand Art From The Eyes of an Artist

a self-portrait of Vincent Van Gogh hanging on a wall

What Is Art to an Artist? When people visit a museum or gallery, they typically only spend about 17 seconds looking at each work. While it’s easy and quick to simply identify an image or object and move on, understanding it is far more difficult — and more rewarding. To truly appreciate art, you need

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