Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

The matting and backing materials should be preservation-grade & acid-free.

In general, the best mat border width is determined by a number of factors, including the overall size of the piece, the width of the moulding, and the particular hue and value of the mats and the art. In general, the goal is to attempt to give the art enough "space" inside the frame to allow the eye to rest upon the art without being distracted or crowded in by the framing.

Feel free to bring your piece in to our custom frame consultant — FrameStore can help. The best designs are created based on your tastes, the hanging location, and the aesthetics of the item itself. This way, the framing is customized for your piece, rather than being a standard design.

There is no charge for design consultation, and our design professional will be able to show you samples and ideas, at FrameStore we provide individual advice and a custom quote