Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Always use picture hangers for strength and security and maintaining straight placement. When hanging art above furniture the general rule is between 6 and 8 inches. If your art is not going to be above furniture, hang your pictures at average eye-level.

To hang the piece at your chosen height you will need to measure how far from the top of the picture the hanging wire will hit when hanging on a nail. If the top of your picture should hang 72" from the floor, and the hanging wire hits 4 inches below, your nail will have to be 68" from the floor centered with your picture. (Use a light pencil mark on your wall.) 

For artwork up to 150 lbs., our FrameStore professionals recommend using 2 hangers (75 lb.) on the wall. Two strap hangers (or "D- Rings") should be attached to the artwork with no wire. Strap-hangers hook directly onto hangers in the wall and be sure weight is evenly distributed between the hangers

**Picture hangers that use multiple, smaller nails rather than a single large nail or wall anchors generally leave less damage and are easier to fill and touch up later.**