Great Custom Framing Deals, Every Day

For over 35 years, Framestore has been providing high quality framing for individuals, businesses, artists, galleries, museums. And if you compare apples to apples, nobody in Los Angeles beats our prices. We never sacrifice quality for cost, but that does not mean our art and picture frames are expensive. Our commitment to maintaining low-cost and high-quality is exactly what sets us apart from other fine art and picture frame shops.

Our Services:

  • 8 Locations in Los Angeles Metro area
  • 100% Archival Conservation Preservation Picture Framing available upon request
  • Wood and metal mouldings, Acrylic (plexi) boxes/bases
  • Mirrors – Any size – beveled or unbeveled 
  • Professional mats cutting services in fabric or paper rag
  • Hundreds of rag and fabric mats in a variety of colors 
  • Custom Framing of three dimensional art and memorabilia
  • 3 Day Rush materials available for expedited framing
  • Home Consultations (By appointment only)
  • Giclee printing on Canvas, Photography or Watercolor paper

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FrameStore Custom Picture Framing

View Custom Frames From Some of our Satisfied Clients


anniversary picture frame
"I used FrameStore for the first time because you framed for museums. I've used you dozens of times since because nobody beats your art frame prices. Plain and simple, there's only one FrameStore."
- Linda Mueller, Interior Designer


diploma framing los angeles
"My FrameStore consultant said, 'If it's a memory, you will treasure forever, you should frame it' and I did. This is the fourth piece I've had you frame. I just love it."
- Carol McMurphy, Accountant


"Nine months in the making, the memory of a lifetime. The idea came from FrameStore. It will touch my heart forever."
- Kate Goodson, Mother


"The attention you give to your clients and the pieces you frame is absolutely amazing. You have my promise. As long as I find something to frame, it will be done by you"
- Lynn Hamilton, Writer


"I had my first piece framed by FrameStore in 1997. Now, after two diplomas, four vacations, a thirtieth wedding anniversary, my daughters wedding, the birth of my granddaughter, and three pieces of art later, I still wouldn't dream of using anyone else."

- Kerry Jo Stanley, Research Analyst

Children's Art

"I chose FrameStore because my closest friend had such a great experience with you. Now, I'm the one recommending FrameStore to everyone I know who wants to frame anything."
- Tisha Montgomery, Speech Therapist


"When something means so much to you, you want only the best. For mom it was this gift, for me it was FrameStore."
- Jane McDonnald, Actor

Fine Art

"FrameStore has a slogan, 'Our Art Is Custom Framing', and it's a fact. Every framed piece I sell is framed by them. Their designers are truly special. I just take my art and put my trust in them. It's that easy; they've never let me down once."
- Nancy Westlund, Artist


"“My Dad was speechless and got teary eyed... he won’t stop talking about his BEST GIFT EVER!” - Karen Harrington, talking about the framed canvas she gave her Dad for Christmas"

- Dorothy Gray, Artist


"There is art, and then there is the art of design. I can't tell you how much I think you have added to the richness and beauty of the piece, and to our family room where it resides."
- Jill Akerman, Interior Designer


"Like old friends, some memories go on forever; those are the special events, mementos, and memorabilia that I take to FrameStore. You always create a piece that starts a conversation, brings back a memory, or sparks a smile. You guys are the masters of keeping memories alive."
- Susan Goodman, Teacher


"I've never written a letter endorsing a retailer before, but you've earned it. Great design, service and prices all served with a professionalism you almost never find at retail. Nice to see somebody still does it right."
- Rod Hamilton, Consultant