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Celebrate Your Accomplishments with Graduation Diploma Frames


Looking for a special way to commemorate your graduation? Trust FrameStore to help you turn your educational accomplishment into framed treasures to inspire you for years to come. 

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You can commemorate your hard-earned academic credentials with one of our custom diploma frames. We have something for every type of academic diploma, including:

  • Postgraduate
  • Baccalaureate
  • Associate
  • Trade School
  • High School

Serving Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, FrameStore is your custom frame retailer of choices. We know you have many options when deciding where to get a diploma framed in LA. Here are just a few of the reasons to choose FrameStore:

Plus, if you fill out our online form, you get 50% off your order! It’s the perfect way to save money on custom frames while enjoying the same quality design and materials.

So go ahead: Invest in a custom diploma frame that’s worthy of the degree you’ve earned. Our FrameStore designing professionals will craft something that you’ll be proud to hang on your wall for decades to come!

Thousands of Styles to Choose From

From the most traditional styles to the cutting edge in today’s design fashions, our custom diploma frames are available in thousands of different styles.
But don’t be worried about choice paralysis! When you visit us to discuss your project, our designers will help you translate your vision into the appropriate materials and aesthetic that will deliver the appearance and style you’re looking for. That’s just one of the benefits of commissioning a custom diploma frame instead of buying something off the shelf. You get more choices and the artisanal guidance to make the most of your options.

FrameStore Testimonials

“I used FrameStore for the first time because you framed for museums. I’ve used you sixteen times since because nobody beats your prices. Plain and simple, there’s only one FrameStore.”
– Linda Mueller, Interior Designer
“I decided to honor my mom for Mother’s Day with something made especially for her – a beautiful framed collection of family memories. She removed the wrapping, took one look at the piece, put her arms around me and began to cry.”
-Marilyn Stanly, Writer
“Let’s see . . . my graduation, my wedding, my children’s art, my anniversary . . . by last count, 14 pieces. All perfectly framed and placed by the company that knows only one level of service . . . perfection.”
-Michael Youngstown, Contractor
“‘Think of your life as a book’ you said. What events have been most important? These are the stories I’ve had you frame. And boy, are you a great storyteller.”
-Susan Marks, Teacher

Come Visit Us Today for a Consultation!

Still wondering where to get a diploma framed in the Los Angeles area? Come visit us at the FrameStore location of your choice! One of our framing professionals will meet with you one-on-one and show you why you can trust FrameStore for your framing needs. An education is priceless, but the frame doesn’t have to be! FrameStore’s custom diploma frames are an affordable way to put a personal touch on your achievement and show just how proud you are. Call ahead to schedule an appointment, or simply drop by! Sign up for a 50% off coupon and order your custom anniversary picture frames today.

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