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  • Every frame is custom-built and is subject to our 16 step inspection process with a final inspection by a master craftsman
  • Thousands of mats and moldings to choose from
  • Museum / archival quality framing to preserve your art
  • Rush service available

Our Design Consultants

  • Trained to get to know you, solve your problems, and become your framers for life
  • Partners to help you bring out the best in your home or business decor
  • Experts at synergizing the best frame to complement your artwork and the location where it will hang

Our Clients

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When choosing a custom frame store to show off your most important pieces, you could not ask for a better value for your investment than a custom-built frame from FrameStore.

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Custom Framing Services

Bring out the best in your art with a custom frame. Whether it’s paintings, photos, or memorabilia, your art deserves to look its best with a frame designed by the experts at FrameStore.

Come meet with one of our design consultants to learn about our framing services! We’re your custom frame store serving Los Angeles for over 40 years.

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Discover Our Framing Services

We offer a wide variety of products to meet most clients’ framing needs

Custom Canvas Frames: The classic product that started it all, and still a staple of our custom frame store. Protect paintings, drawings, photographs, maps, and more.

Custom Mirror Frames: Perfect for adding focal gravity to a mirror or incorporating it into your decor.

Custom Jersey Frames: Built to protect sports memorabilia and other attire.

Custom Matting: The material that goes between the artwork and the external frame. Changing the matting can completely transform the context of an artwork!

Custom Shadow Boxes: Suited for housing objects with depth, like trophies or antiques.

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From Vision to Delivery in 7 Days

Our framing services usually take less than 7 days from beginning to end, and as little as 3 to 5 days if you want rush service.

Step One


The process begins with a friendly sit-down consultation at one of our seven locations in Los Angeles. (We also offer in-home / in-office consultations by appointment.) You’ll meet with one of our design consultants to discuss your vision and goals. They will walk you through the artistic considerations, leading to a recommendation.

Step Two


Once you’ve made your decision, we’ll collect any information we need, and then our skilled craftsmen will get to work building your frame.

Step Three


We never deliver a frame without subjecting it to our 16 step inspection process with a final inspection by a master craftsman. FrameStore is known for museum-quality framing, and that is what you will get, every time.

All this usually in 1 week or less! No other custom frame store can match our fast turnaround times and superlative quality in the final product.

Why Choose FrameStore?

We believe high-quality custom frames are an investment—one you’re going to keep in your home and look at nearly every day. That’s why quality, expertise, and experience are vital.

At FrameStore, we are one of the most established voices in the industry, serving Los Angeles for over 40 years. Our framing services are second to none, drawing on our experience and our artistic expertise. We’ve framed art of every type, for clients from all walks of life, from one end of Los Angeles to the other.

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All of our frame products are museum quality, meaning they will protect your artwork from chemical degradation for decades to come.

Take Advantage of Wholesale Pricing

With over 40 years in the industry, we have a large, well-established clientele of over 140,000 clients. This allows us to take advantage of economies of scale, which is how we’re able to offer our framing services at such an exceptional price for the level of quality provided.

Take advantage of our wholesale pricing to enjoy a bargain when you reframe multiple pieces of art in your home or business.

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We believe FrameStore is simply the finest source for upscale custom framing services in Los Angeles. But don’t take our word for it. See what our clients have to say

"People in the know, who care about design and the archival quality of their work, all use FrameStore."

- Laddie John Dill,
Renowned California Artist

"It isn't by accident that they frame for leading museums and some of our country's finest artists. I'm a perfectionist, and that's exactly what FrameStore delivers. Perfection."

- Sabrina Kay,
Founder and President of the California Design College

"I've always heard that 'Anyone who knows anything about art uses FrameStore' and I believe it. I just drop off my artwork and say 'Work your magic' and when I pick the piece up, it's perfect."

- Linda McCoy-Murray,
Jim Murray Memorial Foundation

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