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Wholesale Canvas Frames, Matting, and Shadow Boxes in Los Angeles

FrameStore is proud to offer wholesale frames for art, photos, memorabilia, and many kinds of displays here in Los Angeles. California is home to incredible artists and craftspeople, and many of them are on our team, creating individual and wholesale frames.

Custom Frames & Framing at Wholesale

Are you looking for wholesale frames, matting, or shadow boxes? Based on the number of frames you’re looking to purchase, you may be eligible to receive special wholesale pricing.

  • Wholesale discounts begin at 4 frames per order and increase with volume.

This makes our wholesale pricing available to quite a few of our customers, even those who may not traditionally think of themselves as wholesale purchasers.

Learn About Purchasing Custom Wholesale Canvas Frames or other Types in Los Angeles, California

To discuss your wholesale order, give us a call at (310) 361-6475 or contact us using this form, and we will get back to you soon!

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Why Choose FrameStore Wholesale Frames?

We sell more custom frames to the professional trade than any framer in the nation. Our pricing and quality are unparalleled. We make the best wholesale picture frames in California.

We have long-term relationships with world-class museums, over 2,800 fine artists, many of the country’s leading architects, over 500 interior designers, countless galleries, and a who’s who of corporate clients.

Simply put, our wholesale art frames are beloved and in demand in dozens of industries and tens of thousands of homes and businesses. We provide wholesale canvas frames, wholesale matting, and wholesale shadowboxes here in Los Angeles for many kinds of corporate clients and businesses. So no matter whether you are looking to stock a private art studio or a large business, we can help.

Outstanding Prices For a Premium Product

We’ve been a family-owned and operated business for 45+ years, and we know the framing industry inside and out. This long-standing expertise with wholesale canvas frames does more than simply result in a superior product. It also means a streamlined business model, which means savings for you. Without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship, we can offer you the best value in the premium framing category.

At these wholesale prices, the value gets even better. For wholesale frames, get great savings and great quality in one order. FrameStore frames are, hands-down, the best wholesale picture frames California has to offer—right here in Los Angeles.

Our custom wholesale art frames are an incredible value, which is one of the pillars of our success in the industry. When you choose us to have multiple pieces framed, our wholesale pricing enables us to offer great prices while still delivering high-quality framing services and a beautiful finished product every single time.

wholesale canvas frames at a restaurant

The Importance of Effective Framing For Your Art & Memorabilia

Framing a piece of art or memorabilia adds color and life to any space, but presentation matters! With over forty years of experience in providing wholesale canvas, frames, matting, and shadow boxes, we understand that effective framing makes any print, photo, painting, or other artwork look even better. We offer many types of wholesale art frames and custom picture frames, both of which we’ll discuss in detail shortly.

Quality, Relevance, And Guidance Are Our Job

Our job at FrameStore isn’t simply to hand you a frame and leave you to do the rest. You could do that at any big box store.

  • We help you bring out the best elements of whatever it is you’re framing, and integrate those elements with the surrounding decor.
  • We help you display and protect these treasured pieces with archival-quality materials and proper assembly so that UV light and dust cannot damage your art or memorabilia.
  • We give you a partner in the creative process who understands the elements and principles of art and knows how to adapt the vision in your head into the medium of framing materials, matting, and all the associated textures, shapes, and colors.

When you buy single or wholesale canvas frames, matting, or shadow boxes in Los Angeles from FrameStore, you’re benefiting from working with experienced professionals who care about what they do. We know the importance of setting the scene and creating a professional backdrop. Our wholesale frames and contract framing services help our clients put in that final, finishing touch that makes everything else in any room come together.

Common Uses For Buying Wholesale

Having several pieces framed at the same time is an excellent way to save money, but there’s more to it than just saving money. Buying wholesale canvas frames, matting, or shadow boxes is also a way to ensure a consistent look and style in a room or area. Here are some common uses for wholesale frames:

  • A decorator needs to create a focal point in their client’s great room, but the client’s descriptions are a bit vague. So the decorator turns to FrameStore for guidance from our designers.
  • An art teacher wants the right frames to show off their students’ work in a way that makes the students excited to create more art. The teacher turns to us for the best wholesale art frames, and together we develop frames that make the art look its best to young eyes.
  • A curator of a small museum on a limited budget wants to showcase new acquisitions and turns to us for insight and advice on our wholesale art frames.
  • Hotels, restaurants, and other businesses need to create the right ambiance using large numbers of framed art prints throughout the premises, and they count on us to deliver the best frames that match their branding and aesthetics.
  • An artist working in their own studio wants to have a supply of frames available for future pieces and takes advantage of our discounts on wholesale art frames to get the best value.

All of these professionals require lots of frames in the course of their work, and our designers consistently help these folks create the right look for every framing project. With our wholesale frames, clients can enjoy quality work at a great value.

Over the years, we’ve worked with a variety of clients, from hotels to cruise ships to insurance companies. With our wholesale art frames, we have helped them develop the right kind of spaces where their own clients can feel relaxed and comfortable. We have worked successfully with people all over the country on wholesale picture frames in Los Angeles, California and beyond.

tropical wholesale canvas frame
wholesale picture frame

Product Spotlight: Custom Picture Frames

Our custom wholesale canvas and memorabilia frames are our flagship products at FrameStore. We can frame just about anything: Whether it’s a traditional canvas frame, custom matting for an existing frame, or something like a mirror frame or custom shadow box (ideal for objects with depth), every frame we create is built to the buyer’s exact standards, in consultation with our seasoned designers who excel at bringing a vision to life.

Product Spotlight: Custom Jersey Frames

Our custom wholesale shadow boxes are often used as jersey frames. They’re great for displaying and preserving treasured jerseys from sports teams – perfect for signed jerseys. Each wholesale jersey frame will be customized to the precise size and depth needed for the perfect fit. We’ll also customize the color and composition of the matting for the best display

Wholesale Custom Frames? Yes!

We’re happy to customize wholesale canvas frames, shadow boxes, and matting to fit your media and location.

Custom wholesale frames for artists? They do exist! In fact, at FrameStore, with 25+ years of experience and 100,000+ satisfied clients, we’ve learned that there is a healthy demand for large orders. Often this is because of a decoration, redecoration, or total remodel of a home or business.

Don’t mistake our wholesale frames as being in any way lower in quality! Every step of the process is identical to a single-frame order: Our designers will help translate your vision into the frame, and our seasoned crew of craftspeople will build your frames with great care.

Each custom-made frame is made in a specific size. Buying custom wholesale art frames from suppliers offers many important advantages. Custom-made frames from FrameStore allow buyers to choose which type of frame is best for a specific piece, and, when you buy wholesale art frames with a similar aesthetic, the consistency helps develop the overall look and feel of the decor in a room.

Service First

At FrameStore, service comes first. Our expert design consultants know exactly how to create the look our clients need. We’ve been in business for more than four decades, during which time we’ve developed a loyal following of satisfied customers. Our wholesale canvas frames, matting, and shadow boxes are trusted by a variety of clients. Whether ordering single or wholesale picture frames, California residents across Los Angeles have trusted FrameStore for 25+ years.

Save With Wholesale Frames 

When looking for wholesale frames for artists, quality and value are important aspects to keep in mind. Our wholesale frames feature a faster turnaround time and lower overall cost—savings that quickly multiply when you purchase wholesale art frames. Better still, many of our frame templates are designed with complementary use in mind, meaning you can choose from many different frames that go together very nicely.

wholesale cardinal canvas frame
wholesale blue bird canvas frame

Contact Us or Drop By to Discuss Your Order of Wholesale Frames

Come to FrameStore to work with experts who know the framing business inside and out, are highly trained, and understand the art of elegant framing. Combine that expertise with the lower prices you get from having multiple pieces framed at the same time, and it’s easier to afford the high-quality frames you need to show off any kind of artwork to perfection. 

Speak with us today by calling (310) 361-6475 or using our contact form, or by simply filling out the form on this page, to discuss our wholesale art frame pricing. Need a big batch of wholesale canvas frames, matting, or shadow boxes? Let us know! 

For an in-person discussion about wholesale art frames, drop by or schedule an appointment at any of our 7 locations across Los Angeles. Discover the best single or wholesale frames Los Angeles, California has to offer, at FrameStore!

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