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About Us

At FrameStore, we’ve been displaying and preserving memories for over 40 years, from traditional canvas frames, to mirror frames, to shadow boxes, and more. In that time we’ve earned over 140,000 satisfied clients and created a million custom frames. From Rembrandts to children’s drawingsdiplomas to memorabilia, we frame the memories of a lifetime. And the reasons our clients return to us time and time again are really pretty simple:

  •  Value: If you compare apples to apples, you’ll find the best price at FrameStore every time. And we back it up with a 110% low price guarantee! 
  •  Quality: FrameStore creates frames with the same standards of quality that you’ll find in world-class museums. Museum-quality framing isn’t a buzzword, it’s our reality.
  •  Savings: While other frames buy molding by the foot, we buy it by the mile. We buy glass by the ton and pass these volume savings onto you.
  •  Service: Aside from unbeatable prices, nothing is more important than service. Service is FrameStore’s hallmark.
  •  Design: At FrameStore, professional designers help create the best possible design solution for you.
  •  Selection: No other custom picture framer matches our selection. We have over 3,000 moldings to choose from.
  •  Trust: After over 40 years serving Los Angeles, you can rest assured that we’re here for you—yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

A Vision of Framing Done Right, And Why It Matters

Sometimes we’re asked: Why invest in custom frames when you can just buy cheap premade ones off the shelf?

Here’s why:

A Tale of Two Photographs

Imagine a photograph by an award-winning photographer. Classic images like these breathe life into us when we see them. They kindle our imaginations, provoke our emotions, even transport us to another place. Through the meticulous techniques of photography, applied by a true master of the art, great photographs make strong impressions that stay with us.

Now imagine a photograph taken in the same place, at the same time, but by an amateur photographer using their smartphone. With any luck it’ll still be a nice photo, but the mastery will be lost. So will the clarity.

A professionally composed photograph captures things that amateur photography can’t, because it is this depth of expertise—those tiny little elements and principles of composition, lighting, focus, proportion, and more—that elevate an ordinary sight into a masterpiece of visual art.

The Vital Work of a Picture Frame

The very same principle applies to framing a piece of art: Yes, you can go buy a cheap frame from the store and be done with it. But that’s an amateur solution, and if something is important enough to you to frame, so that you can see it every day of your life, “amateur” isn’t good enough.

A frame has a vital role to play in supporting the art it houses: A frame provides context, creates visual synergies, and helps an artwork live up to its potential. To create a frame that accomplishes this work to the fullest is no easy task. It requires expertise, craftsmanship, and an attention to detail that only comes from experience and deep knowledge.

A Creative Vision for You

At FrameStore, our understanding of how a particular piece of art (or any other keepsake) will interact with its frame is the key to creating elegant frames that bring out the best in that art. When we build a frame for one of our clients, we consider everything: the framing materials, their textures and surfaces, their colors and dimensions. We also consider how the frame and the artwork will interact with the surrounding space, including its colors, lighting, focal points, and so on. When building a frame, every decision we make is deliberate and precise.

This is our creative vision for you. This is the expertise that sets us apart. It’s why our clients love us and return time and again to have new pieces framed, or to get old pieces reframed so that they can be hung in different spaces and still look their best. And it’s the answer to the question: Why buy custom frames?

“Custom” doesn’t just mean “fancy” or “expensive.” It means suited to one particular task. That task is complementing your artwork, so that it looks the best it can look, in exactly the spot you want to hang it.

That’s FrameStore: That’s who we are and what we do.

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