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Personalized Photograph Frames

Photographs are a wonderful way to preserve your favorite memories. Your special moments deserve to be properly showcased in your home — from your wedding day to the birth of your child. If you’re looking into different types of frames for photos, you’ve come to the right place. The FrameStore offers great options for personalized frames for pictures so you can explore the possibilities for preserving your favorite memories.


Why Choose a Custom-Built Frame?

There are plenty of different types of frames for photos, but only custom options can display your favorite pictures to their utmost potential. Mass-produced frames tend to be poorly crafted and not last as long, plus they won’t complement the subject matter as perfectly or otherwise benefit from the attention of an expert designer. Here at the FrameStore, a design consultant will help you craft your personalized frames for pictures.

Our seasoned craftspeople build a quality product every time, and we have a rigorous inspection process. We always use museum-quality construction. Protect your photographs from wear, tear, and aging with premium quality frames. We design frames to suit your photo, not the other way around.

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FrameStore Testimonials

“I used FrameStore for the first time because you framed for museums. I’ve used you sixteen times since because nobody beats your prices. Plain and simple, there’s only one FrameStore.”
– Linda Mueller, Interior Designer
“I decided to honor my mom for Mother’s Day with something made especially for her – a beautiful framed collection of family memories. She removed the wrapping, took one look at the piece, put her arms around me and began to cry.”
-Marilyn Stanly, Writer
“Let’s see . . . my graduation, my wedding, my children’s art, my anniversary . . . by last count, 14 pieces. All perfectly framed and placed by the company that knows only one level of service . . . perfection.”
-Michael Youngstown, Contractor
“‘Think of your life as a book’ you said. What events have been most important? These are the stories I’ve had you frame. And boy, are you a great storyteller.”
-Susan Marks, Teacher

Preserve Your Favorite Memories

The FrameStore is your local custom photo frame store in Los Angeles. For decades, we have helped our customers proudly display and preserve their old photos, memorabilia, and other special moments. Frames, wholesale or individual, are so much more meaningful when they are custom designed to complement the photo within. Our frames use the same archival-grade glass and construction used by museums to ensure your photo is protected from light and dust.

See the photo gallery of our existing customers’ special moments frames, wholesale and individual. You can get inspiration and see the possibilities, not to mention the quality, of our personalized frames for pictures for yourself. Or, visit your nearest FrameStore location in Los Angeles, California to see options in person!

Visit the nearest FrameStore location to start creating your custom picture frame. Call us at (310) 600-9468 or fill out the online.

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