Custom Mattings for Frames, Pictures, & Art in Los Angeles

Custom Mattings for Frames, Pictures, and Artwork

“I used FrameStore for the first time because you framed for museums. I’ve used you sixteen times since because nobody beats your prices. Plain and simple, there’s only one FrameStore.”
– Linda Mueller, Interior Designer
“I decided to honor my mom for Mother’s Day with something made especially for her – a beautiful framed collection of family memories. She removed the wrapping, took one look at the piece, put her arms around me and began to cry.”
– Marilyn Stanly, Writer
“Let’s see . . . my graduation, my wedding, my children’s art, my anniversary . . . by last count, 14 pieces. All perfectly framed and placed by the company that knows only one level of service . . . perfection.”
– Michael Youngstown, Contractor
“‘Think of your life as a book’ you said. What events have been most important? These are the stories I’ve had you frame. And boy, are you a great storyteller.”
– Susan Marks, Teacher

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Whether you’re custom framing a photograph or have a shadow box made for memorabilia, beautiful matting makes a huge difference in your display. Our team of custom matting and framing experts can help you choose the perfect mat color, texture, and composition. Talk with our local Los Angeles FrameStore team for custom picture mats, artwork mats, and frame matting that would look outstanding in your home, office, or business.

What is Custom Matting For?

Matting can be used with or without a frame to prepare media like artwork and photos for display. A great custom mat for pictures, paintings, or shadow boxes provides aesthetic negative space to the composition, focusing and complementing the subject to create a beautiful display. The color, size, shape, and texture are all important considerations that a custom matting and framing expert at the FrameStore can help you decide.

Types of Matting

We provide custom matting for a wide range of art, memorabilia, and more. 

custom framed artwork with matting
custom double matting picture frame

Double Matting

Custom mats and frames aren’t just limited to one choice of mat. You can achieve a great effect with one mat, but we can also use multiple mats in a single framed piece. You can even opt for a custom frame mat with multiple openings. Use two mats to represent a school’s colors when framing a senior portrait along with the tassel and graduation invitation, or use mats with multiple slots to accommodate each piece of memorabilia that you’re framing.

Double matting is a great choice in custom frames when you have multiple items that need to be displayed together in a frame. By double matting, you can showcase each item on its own, while still maintaining some unity between the separate images. Examples of double matte use include family photos, group shots, or multi-photo panoramas. Double matting is also helpful for balancing larger pieces with smaller ones.

The option to use two or more mats in one frame allows you to highlight multiple elements without having to place them side by side. This custom matting and framing technique is most effective when using mats with the same opening size, but you can also create a more interesting look with multiple openings within a single frame.

Archival Matting

When planning custom picture mats, it may seem like just putting your artwork, photographs, or other treasured items under glass is protection enough. However, here’s where the matting you choose matters not only artistically but scientifically: regular paper mats have been treated to prevent the acids that are naturally present in the wood pulp from damaging the items being framed, but that protection only lasts about five years. After that, the acid-controlling treatment no longer works. As a result, the mat could begin to cause yellowing.

Archival matting is acid-free, so you won’t have to worry about this type of mat damaging your framed piece. We use rag mats made from cotton that are 100% acid-free in all of our custom matting and framing. This type of museum-quality archival mat board is ideal when you want to be sure that your artwork, photos, or other framed items are not just beautifully framed, but also protected year after year.

custom archival matting and frame

Other Custom Matting & Framing Options

What do you have in mind for your matting project? FrameStore offers many options when it comes to the color and texture of your custom mat. We can cut the matting to fit standard-size or nonstandard-size frames and even trim the mats with off-center openings to add drama to your framed piece. We also offer custom frame mats with multiple openings if you want to showcase more than one piece in the same frame.

premium matting and frame design

Premium Design

Custom mats & frames by master craftsman

museum quality custom matting

Museum Quality Materials

High-quality matting preserves artwork and media.

finished custom matting frame

Fast Turnaround

Custom matting is typically ready within about 5 days.

Telling a Story

Custom picture mats or artwork matting is the accent that completes your display. They can also accentuate the look by adding depth and dimension. Let FrameStore be your source for picture mats in a variety of sizes and shapes, including unique custom mat frames for any picture project.

With every custom framing project, we try to tell a story and communicate something unique about you, your family, or your interests. And the custom picture frame mat you end up with has an important role to play in that story. Custom mats for frames, or matting all on its own has a powerful mood-setting effect on the context of artwork and photos

How do you convert these kinds of details into a finished product that fits your vision? You’ll talk directly with one of our experienced design consultants, who can help you choose the frame, matting, and color scheme that will work best for your piece, based on their years of experience as an artist.

110% Low-Price Guarantee

We’re committed to low-cost and high-quality custom matting work and offer a 110% low-price guarantee to prove it.

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40+ Years Serving Los Angeles

Our custom matting and framing professionals will design and build the ideal display to capture your vision.

Over our 40+ year history, we’ve even worked with major companies such as The Walt Disney Company, AT&T, and Cigna. And we look forward to the chance to serve you, too.

You’ll have the chance to work directly with one of our qualified design consultants from the very beginning! They can help you choose and customize the right matting or frame for the specific piece you have, match your current decor aesthetic, and review any special requests.

Let Us Help You Tell Your Story

We specialize in custom picture mats for all types of frames and framing projects. Come by one of our locations throughout Los Angeles to discuss your project, and choose a custom mat frame such as our canvas frames, jersey frames, or shadow box frames.

We recommend you call or email to set up an appointment – although drop-ins are welcome! We also offer limited in-home or in-office appointments. We look forward to working with you on your project, so reach out now to get started!

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