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Stunning Entryway Artwork Ideas

Stairwell entry room decorations with framed art, bookcase, plant, and door

There are many options for displaying your art collection in your home’s entry area. If you are looking for entryway decoration ideas, adding framed art to the space is a must. People will enjoy the stunning painting or photograph every time they walk through the door. Framed art comes in many varieties, so read on

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Famous California Artists

Artist painting a graffiti wall

California has been home to many great celebrities spanning decades of United States history. Everyone knows the movie stars, the pop icons, and the legendary dancers that come out of California. But in all this, artists sometimes take a back seat to the hype. At the FrameStore, we’re about more than just creating custom framing

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Plan an Art Day Trip Around Los Angeles

Buses in front of daytime city skyline

The City of Angels is a hotspot for cultural activities of all kinds. Among the most popular and well-established traditions in this city is its dedication to the arts. Whether you live nearby or you’ve crossed the country for a vacation on the West Coast, there are plenty of galleries and museums available to the

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Holiday Picture Frame Gift Ideas

assorted black and white paintings

We all want to give our loved ones gifts that they’ll treasure. However, as the holidays approach, it’s also important to remember that we don’t need to give the shiniest toy or newest gadget for the gift to mean something! Giving a picture frame gift as a holiday present is an excellent way to show

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Wall Art Decor Ideas for Kitchens

dining room with framed wall art decor, kitchen table, chairs, and plants

Kitchens are places where people spend a lot of time eating, gathering, and relaxing. Having well-thought-out decor is the perfect way to add even more flavor to the room and show your personality. Whether you are just sitting and enjoying your coffee in the morning or hosting a large gathering, these framed wall art ideas

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How to Arrange Picture Frames on a Gallery Wall

four black frames with giraffe gallery pictures hanging on a white wall with hanging lights

There are many different ways to display art on your walls. If you want to showcase a collection of framed pictures, a gallery wall would provide an excellent approach. Learn how to create a gallery wall with our four simple tips. 4 Steps to Designing a Wall Gallery 1. Choose Your Art The first step

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A Guide to Picture Frame Types

ten black-and-white framed pictures set in two rows on a white wall

No matter what you are framing, there are many options for your wall display. Finding the correct frame for your artwork is important to make sure its presentation is chic, modern, and aligns with your decor preferences. Here is a list of four art frame types to help you decide what frame style you want

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Oversized Canvas Wall Art Ideas

an oversized piece of canvas wall art above a white couch

With a big wall comes big opportunities. Take advantage of a large blank space by spotlighting a beautiful work of art. Oversized canvas wall art is the perfect way to control the energy in a space. You can choose something abstract to curate a modern feel or go for an oversized print from your favorite

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