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A Guide to Picture Frame Types

ten black-and-white framed pictures set in two rows on a white wall

No matter what you are framing, there are many options for your wall display. Finding the correct frame for your artwork is important to make sure its presentation is chic, modern, and aligns with your decor preferences. Here is a list of four art frame types to help you decide what frame style you want

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Oversized Canvas Wall Art Ideas

an oversized piece of canvas wall art above a white couch

With a big wall comes big opportunities. Take advantage of a large blank space by spotlighting a beautiful work of art. Oversized canvas wall art is the perfect way to control the energy in a space. You can choose something abstract to curate a modern feel or go for an oversized print from your favorite

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What is Archival Framing?

five pieces of art in ornate gold frames hanging in a museum

When you come into possession of original fine art or an heirloom family photograph, the method of preserving its value is referred to as archival framing, also known as preservation framing or conservation framing. In this process, museum-quality materials are used to protect your delicate artwork or photograph from environmental or airborne damage. Without proper

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How to Frame Pictures

Hand holding white rustic picture frame at mountain with ocean view

Decorating the walls of your house is an exciting task to complete. However, figuring out how to frame your photos or artwork before displaying them can be another story. Learn how to frame a picture professionally from the experts at FrameStore. Things to Consider When Framing Artwork Materials The material used in the frame will

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Where Can I Get A Picture Framed in Los Angeles?

Empty frames sitting on a counter in a modern-style store with a table, four chairs, and glass windows.

Pictures, diplomas, awards, and more need high-quality frames to help keep them safe. If you are searching where to frame pictures in the Los Angeles area, you have plenty of options, but finding the right one to craft the custom frame you are looking for isn’t always easy. We know that finding the right frame

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Large Picture Frame Sizes: A Guide

How to Choose Extra Large Picture Frames If you’re looking for a way to enhance your living space or office, framed pictures and art are a great choice! You can use a stunning frame to display treasured photos of family and friends, hang posters of your favorite band, or even elevate your own artwork to

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Wall Art for Large Walls

abstract canvas wall art

Our Best Wall Art Ideas for Large Walls You finally have a space that allows you to try innovative design ideas, but your walls seem a little too big. At FrameStore, we know how daunting it can be to look at a blank white wall and wonder what you’re supposed to do with it. Our

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Art Appreciation: Get the Most Out of Viewing Paintings

woman looking at abstract painting

A Lesson in Painting Appreciation While it may feel like you need a degree to truly appreciate art, at FrameStore, we believe that art is for everyone. If you’ve ever felt that you don’t understand how to appreciate paintings or you want to ensure a more comprehensive museum experience, we can help you learn more

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Appreciating Artwork for Beginners

man in front of a fine art piece

A Beginner’s Guide to Art Appreciation Some people might feel intimidated by the art world, thinking it’s a place reserved for erudite professors, gallery owners, and artists themselves. But, at FrameStore, we believe that everyone is able to appreciate artwork! If you’re interested in learning more about art, we have some helpful tips to equip

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Wall Art Ideas to Hang Above Your Couch

a mirror as wall art behind the couch

Designing the home decor in your space can be a challenge if you’ve never done it before. For many, the blank space above their couch is the biggest hurdle they have to tackle on their home decor journey. If you have a beautiful blank wall and you’re not sure what to do with it, FrameStore

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