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Creative Picture Frame Ideas to Feature Your Favorite Artwork

Designing and exhibiting artwork in a unique and modern display is the perfect way to share aspects of your personality and life. There are always new and exciting ways of showing off your artwork. Read our three unique frame ideas to help you personalize your wall decor.

3 Art Frame Ideas

  1. Collage

When you think of a photo collage, you think of one frame with vertical and horizontal pictures. However, picture collages have expanded into wall collages with multiple frames of different sizes, shapes, and styles that all come together to create a story.

FrameStore has custom picture frames for your wall collage. You can create a chic display with different frame sizes for your unique works with our creative picture frame ideas.

Creative picture frame idea with various size photos in frame with pipe lighting
  1. Split Photos

A newer trend in the art industry is splitting a photo into two or three parts, framing each piece separately, and then hanging them next to each other to create the illusion of a whole photograph. When it comes to this style of artistic frames, having only two or three pieces is the best way to present the picture.

A canvas print is the most common idea for this wall art. The design of the print wrapping around the frame sides allows for the illusion of the picture continuing through the open space. Our canvas prints come in any size that you need for your group of split photos.

  1. Black and White

Display your creative picture frame ideas with the modern black and white art trend. The craze around black and white photography, art, and furnishings is a classic, timeless expression of artistic design. If you want sharp and simple, use this art frame idea to add a series of monochrome art to your wall decor.

Bring your room to life with black and white pictures in colorful or monochromatic frames. Our framing specialists can piece together your black and white frame moulding and mat choices to bring your still life photo to a level of beauty and amazement that you will appreciate for years to come.

FrameStore’s Artistic Touch

Whether you split photos, create black and white images, or share a story collage, FrameStore specializes in all types of creative picture framing ideas. Our specialists love designing frames with superior craftsmanship to bring the whole masterpiece together. Bring your project to one of our seven locations today, and let us create your beautiful picture decor.

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