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Oversized Canvas Wall Art Ideas

With a big wall comes big opportunities. Take advantage of a large blank space by spotlighting a beautiful work of art. Oversized canvas wall art is the perfect way to control the energy in a space. You can choose something abstract to curate a modern feel or go for an oversized print from your favorite photographer for a mature yet playful space. With prime wall real estate and the right work of art, you can make a statement that reflects your personality. Enhance your home or blank space with art that represents you. Don’t know where to start? We have some of our favorite oversized wall decor ideas you can use for guidance when selecting your wall art.

Bigger is Always Better

Command attention with a beautiful oversized work of art that represents your interior design style. Decide on a focal point that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. There are endless oversized canvas wall art options that can transform your space. Once you figure out the mood of the room, you can locate large wall art options that fall in line with the theme. Here are some ideas on where to start:

1. Bold and Bright

yellow paneled art on a living room wall

Take a walk on the wild side with a vibrant, upbeat work of art that embodies joy in your home. Bright colors, busy scenes, or daring designs are a must for curating conversation-starting oversized wall decor. Embrace your unique taste with modern art or a funky abstract piece that speaks to you. A splash of color is a great way to make the room a creative, playful environment.

2. Photography Prints

a large black-and-white portrait showing a woman’s profile

Turn a blank wall canvas into an homage to your favorite photographer’s best work. A blown-up high-definition photograph, whether it’s a gorgeous landscape or a portrait of a pop culture icon, adds a layer of sophistication to the room. For an office or bedroom, you can easily find oversized canvas wall art that balances playfulness and professionalism. In color or black-and-white, an affordable wall-sized framed photograph can look as though it’s worth a fortune.

3. Mesmerizing Minimalism

minimalist color living room art

Bring harmony to the room with minimalist artwork. This trendy oversized wall decor idea is a great way to maximize a blank wall canvas without creating chaos. Choose something thought-provoking or drive productivity with a calming print. Minimalist oversized canvas wall art that utilizes pops of color or an attention-catching subject is perfect on a clean wall canvas background in a spacious room.

Style Your Blank Wall Space With Perfectly Framed Oversized Canvas Wall Art

Once you find the perfect artwork for your blank wall space, contact our professionals for a custom canvas frame. Use our expert framing services to protect your favorite oversized wall decor from harmful UV rays, environmental damage, and other potential pollutants. The FrameStore team is ready to help bring your artistic vision to life. 

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