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Stunning Entryway Artwork Ideas

There are many options for displaying your art collection in your home’s entry area. If you are looking for entryway decoration ideas, adding framed art to the space is a must. People will enjoy the stunning painting or photograph every time they walk through the door. Framed art comes in many varieties, so read on to find out how to decorate an entry room.

5 Fine Art Designs for Your Entryway

1. Oversized Paintings

Make a statement in your entryway with a large piece of framed art. Whether you choose an oil painting, art print, or photo, make a significant statement with this piece. It will grab the attention of your guests and become an immediate conversation starter. Don’t be afraid to choose a painting with bold colors to make your entryway vibrant and welcoming. 

2. Accent the Art With Surroundings

Some entryways are pretty large. If you have more than a wall to work with, it is a great idea to accent your entryway wall art with other items, such as lighting, memorabilia, and other smaller art pieces. Place couches, tables, and lamps around the welcome space to enhance the atmosphere and provide guests with a place to set their belongings. Choose complimenting patterns and colors to go with your painting.

For example, if you have a framed painting such as van Gogh’s “Irises,” you can add a small white table beneath the picture. On the table have a violet table runner with a vase to complement the photo. The vase can hold irises or blue-toned flowers which will bring the art from the wall into the space around you. Bring a more significant pop to the area by using a complementary color of the flower, such as soft orange.

3. Creative and Unique

Your entryway is an expression of what you love in life. There are times when creating a fun and whimsical feel with entryway art can be a great idea to welcome guests. If you are the type who likes unique and out-of-the-ordinary displays, frame an artwork that no one will expect. When people walk through your door and see a piece that gives a smile or thought, you will intrigue a conversation immediately.

Art that brings laughter is always appreciated. Find a canvas print, photo, or painting that depicts a funny moment, such as an animal caught in a silly act. People will stop and begin the visit with a joy-filled smile.

entryway art idea with framed wall art, table, couch, and black and white abstract floor tile

4. Patterns and Abstract

When deciding how to decorate an entry room, patterns and abstract art are always good places to start. With so many options and designs, you can’t go wrong with these beautiful art pieces. Some entryway ideas for your patterned fine art are:

  • Contrasting colors, such as black and white or red and blue. Bring together shapes and designs with two bold colors.
  • Geometric shapes bring dimension and imagination to artwork. Whether you use simple lines or smaller patterns, the figures will form exquisite designs.
  • Blended colors in one picture that seem to flow easily into one another can add an element of peace and harmony, such as a seascape or sunrise painting.

5. Staircase Entry

If your front door opens to a staircase, great entryway art ideas for this area are:

  • Collages – don’t be afraid to share several framed photos of your artwork, family portraits, or favorite artist on various walls of the entryway and even ascend the collage up the stairwell.
  • Pops of color – brighten the area with bold pops of colors. You can have bright and fun abstract color designs in frames that complement the art’s colors, like bright orange, blue or red.

Bring Your Entryway Art Idea to Life

Learning how to decorate an entry room with art is exciting. Whether you accent with other items, pair patterns with colors, or design a collage wall, visitors will enjoy seeing your new decoration and pieces of your personality.

FrameStore in Los Angeles can help you create your dream entryway. With over 35 years in the framing business, our expert framers take time and care to ensure your masterpiece is how you imagine it. They will talk through size, dimension, plans, and more with you to ensure you enjoy the project for years to come. Call FrameStore today to start designing your entryway art idea.

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