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5 Ways to Preserve Special Wedding Memorabilia

A wedding should be the happiest day of your life, and you can expect to treasure the photos and memorabilia forever. The way you preserve those memories can make them easy to display in your home, and make them something special to share with your spouse. Here at the FrameStore, we provide much more than just the best quality custom framing for wedding photos. Here are five powerful ways to preserve your special wedding memorabilia, from framing a wedding dress to a display of your vows.

Way #1: Framing Your Wedding Dress

Our first unique wedding memorial idea is to display what may be the most iconic symbol of your wedding: the wedding dress. Framing a wedding dress creates a stunning symbol in your home of the day you celebrated your love and the start of your lives together as a married couple. Instead of leaving your wedding dress in the back of your closet collecting dust, framing your wedding dress allows you to display it and easily bring back the memories of that special day.

Your wedding dress is precious to you, so make sure you keep it protected even while you have it displayed. Here at the FrameStore, we offer museum-quality protection with excellent attention to detail. You can choose from over 3,000 customization options, and have one-on-one consultations with our designers to ensure that your frame turns out just the way you’d like.

Of course, framing a wedding dress can also mean framing other wedding garments. For example, you could display gloves, veils, or bowties. With our quality, your wedding display can last for decades in pristine condition.

Way #2: Drying Your Bouquet In a Shadow Box

Flowers are a big part of weddings, and there are plenty of preservation methods for wedding bouquets. Ideally, you wouldn’t just dry your bouquet and then tuck it away in a box or drawer somewhere; instead, you can use your bouquet as a display piece. We recommend displaying your dried bouquet in a shadow box. As far as unique wedding memorial ideas go, this is easier than framing a wedding dress, with even more possibilities for personalization. 

While custom framing for wedding photos is great, shadow boxes allow you to tell a story through the display. This type of custom wall-mounted display case is ideal for showing off objects with depth. Protecting your bouquet and any other mementos from dust and UV rays while displaying them impressively, your custom shadow box frame can be personalized with expert guidance from a professional design consultant.

Way #3: Using Canvas Prints

It’s normal to display wedding photo prints, but have you ever thought about using canvas prints? Canvas prints can provide more texture and class to your display of wedding memorabilia. Explore our options for custom framing for wedding photos, including printing photos on canvas to capture memories in a unique way. 

Our canvas floater frames are the best in the business and can give a unique style element to your wedding memories that you’d like to display. These frames are designed to be long-lasting and protective, so you can turn your home into a personalized museum. You can explore our gallery to see some inspiration, but know that there are essentially unlimited options for you to create your display.

Way #4: Memorializing Invitations, Cards, and Party Favors

For another unique wedding memorial idea, consider the specific details from your wedding that you want to capture. In addition to framing a wedding dress and other large items, we recommend considering which little items from your wedding you want to memorialize in a themed display. Sometimes it’s the smallest mementos from your big day that become the best ways to recall the details that bring your wedding memories to life. There are assorted paper items that can be precious to your recollections, especially when captured together in a beautiful display. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Paintings & Drawings Related To Your Special Day
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Cards & Letters Received at Your Wedding or Bridal Shower
  • Party Favors
  • Wedding Garments (e.g., Gloves, Veils, Bowties)

With our expertise in custom framing for wedding photos, we will be able to help you memorialize any little pieces together in a beautiful display.

Way #5: Displaying Your Vows

In a unique wedding memorial idea that’s also intensely meaningful, work with us to display your vows. Your formal vows and ceremonial marriage contracts make a powerful symbol of the strength of your commitment to your marriage relationship. Like framing a wedding dress, displaying your vows can be a constant reminder in a personal display, so you always remember your promises to each other from your wedding. Memorabilia can be displayed with the vows as well, whether in a custom shadow box or another type of display case that we can create with you.

Your Special Day, Memorialized Your Way

Your wedding was your special day, and you should get to memorialize it your way. The personal touches in your memory preservation and display will help you capture the uniqueness of your wedding, helping to recall those little details that are the most special parts of your memories from that day. The FrameStore is ready to assist with any wedding memories that you want to display.

We will work with you on custom framing wedding photos, framing a wedding dress, and any other unique wedding memorial ideas. Reach out to us or visit the nearest FrameStore location to start bringing your vision to life today. We have stores throughout the Los Angeles area, and we are also available online or over the phone.

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