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Wall Art Decor Ideas for Kitchens

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Kitchens are places where people spend a lot of time eating, gathering, and relaxing. Having well-thought-out decor is the perfect way to add even more flavor to the room and show your personality. Whether you are just sitting and enjoying your coffee in the morning or hosting a large gathering, these framed wall art ideas are sure to be a great addition.

5 Ideas for Kitchen Wall Art Decor

1. Recipe Card Display

Create a collage of your favorite recipes written on cards and framed in your kitchen. Choose a beautiful design with three to five recipes laid out in your preferred style. If you want to go further in this artistic creation, you can add a rolling pin or wooden spoons to the middle of your display for that extra flair. Also, ensure the wood frame and mat color match or accentuate your kitchen colors.

2. Framed Kitchen Signs

There are all kinds of fun kitchen signs with popular sayings on them that make for a simple way to add some decoration to your space. Farm and coffee bar sayings are the most used signs for kitchen wall art decor. Enjoy years of inspiration with this unique idea.

3. Silverware and China

Make a framed 3D display of antique silverware or china plates for your kitchen wall art. Jersey or shadow box frames are great for giving your valuable items extra space to pop from the frame mat and still be protected with glass. Share the love of your cherished china for all your guests to see. This can also be the perfect way to enhance your treasured set rather than just letting it sit in the cupboard and only be seen a few times a year.

4. Family Photos

Everyone enjoys sitting together, looking at old family photos, and reminiscing about all the fun times. Framing your family pictures is another excellent idea that allows you to blend those memories seamlessly into your kitchen decor. Create an inspiring family collage for your framed kitchen wall art display that serves as an immediate conversation starter around the table. Enjoy a meal full of laughs and shared stories brought up from the pictures.

5. Fruit and Vegetables

Everyone has favorite fruits and vegetables they love to cook and eat. Display your top choices in framed shadow boxes with plastic food variations. Pair your wall art with colors that match your kitchen ambiance for a tasteful decoration, like apples and strawberries for blissful red hues.

Adding framed wall art to your kitchen decor is a great idea that will inspire everyone to take a few extra minutes to admire while sitting and enjoying a meal together. Whether you’re looking to have a wall of signs, family photos, fruit, or silverware designs, the FrameStore is happy to have our experts help create your beautiful framed kitchen art display. Contact us today to set up an appointment for your modern wall decor.

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