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Wall Art Ideas to Hang Above Your Couch

a mirror as wall art behind the couch

Designing the home decor in your space can be a challenge if you’ve never done it before. For many, the blank space above their couch is the biggest hurdle they have to tackle on their home decor journey. If you have a beautiful blank wall and you’re not sure what to do with it, FrameStore

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Wall Art Ideas For The Bedroom

gallery style bedroom wall with black and white photos

Bedroom Decorating Tips Your bedroom is the most personal room in your home, and it should reflect you and your sense of design. When it comes to wall art ideas for your bedroom, make sure to add what you love to the space, customizing it with all the things that make you happiest. If you’re

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How to Arrange Wall Art

wall art arrangement in the bedroom

Wall Art Grouping Ideas & More If you’re wondering how to arrange wall art in your home or office, FrameStore is here with a handy guide that can help. In just four steps, we can guide you through the entire process and provide some wall art grouping ideas to get you started. Read on here

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Questions to Ask Yourself When Viewing Art

religious renaissance painting

Essential Art Questions If you’re truly trying to understand the motivations of an artist or the message a particular piece is made to convey, you must look at art through fresh eyes. The seven principles of art may give you some clue as to the composition of a piece, but there are certain art questions

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Benefits of FrameStore Custom Frame Solutions

brown wood picture frame with accent pieces

If you need custom frame solutions, there is no better choice than FrameStore. When you choose to work with us, you get top-quality professional framing that delivers exactly what you’re looking for! Learn more about why working with us best suits your needs! 1. Expert Design In addition to working with private customers to provide

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Wall Art Design For a Stylish Room

yellow-themed wall art design

Are you looking for fresh wall art design ideas to refresh your space? Whether you have empty walls in an office, bedroom, or even the bathroom, a few additions can completely change the energy of any room. No matter which style you prefer, FrameStore can help you find something that enhances your existing decor and

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What Are The 7 Principles of Art?

yellow-themed wall art design

When it comes to art and design, there is a foundational language that includes 7 art principles that help people communicate across all cultures and barriers. These principles are crucial to evaluating the different elements of a piece; they represent how an artist uses the elements of art to create their piece and share their

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How to Start Making Your Own Art

a messy painter with brushes

There are plenty of reasons to create art. Whether you want to work as a professional artist or you’re trying to learn how to start making art for personal enjoyment and stress relief, there are so many creative outlets that may work for you. From sewing and woodworking to painting and sculpting tiny clay figurines,

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Find the Right Museum for You

people on a staircase in a modern art museum

A museum curates different types of artifacts and artwork for people to explore and enjoy. It’s an educational space that can evoke many emotions, from wonder and curiosity to joy and sorrow. If you’re planning a museum trip but you’re not sure which one to visit, check out this guide to help find a museum

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