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Wall Art for Large Walls

Our Best Wall Art Ideas for Large Walls

You finally have a space that allows you to try innovative design ideas, but your walls seem a little too big. At FrameStore, we know how daunting it can be to look at a blank white wall and wonder what you’re supposed to do with it. Our team of custom framers and craftsmen has decades of experience helping customers all over Los Angeles County decorate their favorite spaces. If you’re looking for wall art ideas for large walls, we’re here to help you explore your options. Check out our suggestions, and you’ll have wall art on your large walls in no time!

1. Paint Your Own Art

We know this sounds scary, but we promise it’s not as hard as you might think! Painting your own art is a great opportunity to customize and personalize your space with a unique perspective. Make sure the wall art on your large walls truly represents you when you become the artist. 

We recommend starting with some inspiration images – things that are fairly simple from a design perspective. Explore basic shapes, colors, and materials that don’t require extensive knowledge to use. Just two or three colors on a large canvas will provide you with some abstract wall art that you can be proud to display. Measure your space and find a canvas of appropriate size before getting to work with your extra-large brushes and colorful paints.

When you’re done, bring your masterpiece to us for a custom canvas frame that will really make it pop!

2. Functional Decor

bookshelf wall decor

Whether it’s a chic magazine holder or shelves full of books, functional decor is an excellent choice of wall art for large walls. While these might not be the traditional vision of what many consider art, we believe that if it’s on display, it can still be beautiful and fun to look at. Your functional decor could still be usable, as you can easily remove and peruse your books, comics, or magazines whenever you want.

The best part about this type of wall art for large walls? You can rearrange it for a fresh look any time you want! Reorganize your books by color for a rainbow display, open comics or magazines to different pages to showcase images or articles, or mix and match everything by category to develop a mishmash of colors and sizes.

3. Memorabilia Wall

One of our favorite things to display is our passion for our favorite team. If you love a particular sports team, musician, or artist, showcasing their work on your largest wall is an amazing opportunity. Do you have a signed guitar? How about a signed jersey? Whatever three-dimensional piece you have, you can create a custom frame to preserve and display it! Choose from shadow boxes and jersey frames in all shapes and sizes to fill your space.

Start Designing

Feeling inspired by our ideas of wall art for large walls? Reach out to a FrameStore location near you for your custom framing needs!

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