Large Picture Frame Sizes | A Guide From FrameStore

Large Picture Frame Sizes: A Guide

How to Choose Extra Large Picture Frames

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your living space or office, framed pictures and art are a great choice! You can use a stunning frame to display treasured photos of family and friends, hang posters of your favorite band, or even elevate your own artwork to masterpiece status as wall art! While finding the right piece to hang can be difficult, choosing the appropriate frame size is harder than you think.

When it comes to large picture frame sizes, the process can be even more confusing, as you have to navigate balancing the size of your space with the size of the piece you’re hanging. If you’re ready to learn more about what it takes to choose the best extra large picture frames, FrameStore is here to help. Check out our guide today to get started.

A Review of Standard Sizes

large wall art in living room

Just to make sure you understand the concept of large picture frame sizes, it’s important to compare them to standard frame sizes. There are several different “standard” sizes. They’re the standard for framing because they’re the most popular for office and home decor.

Common Small FramesCommon Medium FramesCommon Large Frames
4″ x 4″5” x 7”40” x 60”
4″ x 6″8” x 10”
4″ x 10″11” x 14”
20” x 24”

Although these sizes tend to be very popular, it can be difficult to find large frames at a big box craft store. The advantage of working with FrameStore is that we’ll craft a frame exactly the right size for your art that is also designed specifically to suit your decor preferences.

Types of Artwork for Large Frames

If you’re exploring large or extra large picture frames for artwork that’s unusually large, you’re probably planning on hanging attention-grabbing wall art, like concert or movie posters, collages, musical instruments, sports memorabilia, or other large fine art pieces. We recommend using these large works as a centerpiece or focal point in your space.

Practical Advice for Framing

framed and unframed artwork

Whether you choose to find a frame in a store or design a custom frame with the experts, there are a few pieces of practical advice to keep in mind.

Measuring is EVERYTHING!

The old adage is true: measure twice, cut once. Before you even go out looking for large picture frame sizes, you need to measure your walls and make at least a rough draft of what you plan to hang in the space. Once you’re ready to start shopping, you’ll need to measure your art, as well as the frame (all the way to the outer edges) to ensure everything fits just right.

Remember that the outer edges of your frame will be larger than your artwork, so don’t assume that your 24” x 36” poster will fit in a spot on the wall of the exact same size! Frame measurements are given for the inside dimensions of the frame and often overlap your artwork by up to 5mm to prevent it from falling out (unless they’re floating frames in which case the frame is larger than the artwork by a significant degree).

Think About Matting

Matting for artwork is a great choice for anyone who wants to ensure the entire piece is visible. It prevents overlap, even in large picture frame sizes, offers additional protection for your piece, and adds color and texture to enhance the aesthetics of your artwork. Because FrameStore provides customization for all our services, you can be as precise as you want when exploring different hues and textures.

Make Mockups

Sometimes, it can be difficult to envision exactly how your artwork will look once you hang it. In order to ensure you don’t over clutter your space with wide, aggressive frames, you might want to create paper mockups of the frames sizes to get a feel for the final design. Cut out some frames out of paper and tack them on the walls! You can play around with sizes and spacing to see what feels best.

Consider the Type of Art

Regardless of size, the type of frame you choose should be based on the photo or wall art it’s for. Frames range from simple, sleek designs to ornate, three-dimensional pieces that are practically artworks in and of themselves! Make sure the frame you choose enhances the art instead of obscuring it.

Talk to the Experts

Finding the perfect large picture frame sizes shouldn’t delay your interior design. If you want to get a jump start on decorating, reach out to a FrameStore location near you for the expert advice and support of our craftspeople!

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