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Wall Art Ideas For The Bedroom

Bedroom Decorating Tips

Your bedroom is the most personal room in your home, and it should reflect you and your sense of design. When it comes to wall art ideas for your bedroom, make sure to add what you love to the space, customizing it with all the things that make you happiest. If you’re at a loss for what to do, FrameStore has some bedroom decorating tips that can help. Check out some of our favorite ideas to get started!

1. Gallery Wall

a gallery wall with five framed images in a white bedroom

One of the coolest designs for any room is a gallery-style wall. If you’re unfamiliar with this wall art idea for your bedroom, it’s when you take a bunch of smaller framed pieces and cluster them together on a single wall. Depending on your preferred style, you can choose to decorate with photographs, paintings, or prints. You might want to frame and hang your favorite 10 or 20 black and white photos or put together prints of your favorite painted portraits. 

Remember that size and shape don’t really matter, as long as there is a sense of visual cohesion throughout the framing and art style. All your frames should be the same color, material, and thickness, and all your art should follow the same theme.

2. Hang Your Passions

Are you a guitar or bass player? Do you collect butterflies? Are you a huge fan of the local football team? Whatever your passion, you can show it off with your wall art. Some pieces, like musical instruments, can be hung directly on the wall with a hook. You don’t need any framing to make it happen! For some of your other passions, like memorabilia or delicate pieces, you might want to consider a shadow box that you can hang on the wall. Shadow boxes draw the eye to a focal point in your room, and they’ll keep your wall art idea for your bedroom safe and dust-free!

3. Greenery

Your plants don’t have to go in a pot on a table or the floor. There are plenty of ways to hang greenery on the walls in your space. You can opt for air plants attached to wooden backboards and nailed to the wall or place them inside three-dimensional cages and hang them along the wall. You could even frame them inside a shelf to create a living wall!

If live greenery isn’t the ideal wall art idea for your bedroom, consider shopping for plant prints and framing them for hanging instead.

4. Custom Wallpaper

blue and gold wallpaper focal point in a bedroom

Instead of looking into small pieces of wall art for your bedroom, consider sweeping gestures that cover an entire wall with something unique — wallpaper! Whether you want to decorate your space with abstract designs, a geometric print, or a landscape scene, wallpapering just a single wall can make it the focal point of your bedroom!

Did these bedroom decorating tips give you any wall art ideas for the bedroom? Visit a local FrameStore in-person for assistance with framing your own art to hang in your new favorite room.

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