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Wall Art Design For a Stylish Room

Are you looking for fresh wall art design ideas to refresh your space? Whether you have empty walls in an office, bedroom, or even the bathroom, a few additions can completely change the energy of any room. No matter which style you prefer, FrameStore can help you find something that enhances your existing decor and showcases your personality. From wall art collage ideas to museum-style exhibition spaces, we have something for everyone! Check out our five favorite wall art design suggestions here!

1. Gallery Wall Style

With such a versatile style, you can choose to create anything from a casual wall art collage idea or design something that’s straight out of the Louvre! A gallery wall style is fun, unique, and allows you to include all of your favorite art pieces in the same space. Choose this wall art design if you simply cannot make a decision between multiple works of art. The right frame or theme can make any selection of pieces work together!

2. Large Scale Art

oversized painting in the living room

Whether you already own a framed piece or you have something in mind you’re interested in buying, an oversized artwork could be the perfect wall art design for your room. This type of wall decor commands attention and sets the tone for the entire space. We love how a black and white photo can subtly enhance minimalist spaces or how a vibrant abstract piece can contrast a Scandinavian vibe.

3. Memorabilia Wall

We love the memorabilia wall idea because it allows you to create art out of the things you love the most. Do you want to commemorate your education? Fill your memorabilia wall with your diplomas, certifications, and licenses. You can even throw your cap and gown up on the wall in a personalized shadow box! Your memorabilia wall can also revolve around your favorite sports team, a collection of movie props and scripts, your comic book collection, your plant collection, and so much more! The sky’s the limit for this wall art design style because a shadow box or shelf can hold three-dimensional items of nearly any size.

4. Mirrors

circle mirror wall art design

A mirror is an excellent choice of wall art design for any small or dark spaces because they tend to reflect light and make a room feel larger than it actually is. There are many different styles of mirrors to explore. Consider different shapes and sizes, as well as different options for mirror frames to ensure that it looks just right.

5. Murals

Let your wall art transport you to a completely different place when you choose to enhance your space with a mural. Larger than even the most oversized of hanging paintings, transforming an entire wall can make a huge impact. You could paint a scenic lake in your hometown, a view of the Grand Canyon, or a photo from an exotic international location. You might even prefer an abstract modern art composition!

You can paint the wall or explore wallpaper murals that preserve the original paint underneath — just in case you change your mind.

Getting Started

Once you decide how to move forward with your wall art, FrameStore can help you transform your space. If you need custom framing for any of your pieces, reach out to us today to learn about our many options!

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