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Best Summer 2021 Art Exhibitions in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the world’s premier destinations for art, both contemporary and classic. While you can also find some of the best art museums in Los Angeles, popup exhibitions are becoming just as popular! Check out FrameStore’s list of the top summer art exhibitions in Los Angeles for 2021, and expand your horizons with new and unique experiences!

1. Felix

A contemporary art fair that stands as a reflection of the growing importance Los Angeles has in the art world, the Felix art fair is on a mission to create a more intimate experience. Whether you’re part of a community that appreciates art or you’re a dealer or collector, Felix prioritizes your needs. From collaboration to connoisseurship, everyone is welcome to see what they have to offer.

In response to COVID-19, Felix will be held in outdoor cabanas and ground floor rooms at the Roosevelt hotel, giving galleries the opportunity to exhibit in an informal setting. Felix premiered in February 2019, and we’re excited to see that it’s back as a 2021 summer art exhibition in Los Angeles! It is expected to take place July 26-31.

2. The LA Art Show

classical art exhibition

The LA Art Show is proud to showcase modern and contemporary artists in the LA Convention Center this summer. This year, they are focusing on the diversity and multiculturalism that is the thriving heart of Los Angeles. If you’re looking for innovative programming and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, the LA Art Show is a great choice! Visit this art exhibition in Los Angeles July 29—August 31.

3. Vera Lutter at LACMA

An amazing art exhibition in Los Angeles that celebrates the world as seen through Vera Lutter’s eyes, LACMA will be displaying her work from now until September 12, 2021. Explore the compelling photographs of this New York-based artist! Her images, taken between 2017 and 2019, examine significant city architecture through the lens of the camera obscura. She has expanded on the concept, however, with room-sized cameras that result in otherworldly visual effects.

4. Becoming Los Angeles | The Natural History Museum

While you might not have considered The Natural History Museum as a stop for an art exhibition in Los Angeles, these masters of history and the natural world have seamlessly combined art and science to tell a story in this fantastic display. Becoming Los Angeles explores how people, place, and possibility built this city. Wander through the various rooms of the exhibit and you’ll discover videos, photographs, sculptures, models, and more that detail the story of the City of Angels.

Finding Art in LA

Some of the best museums in Los Angeles, like LACMA, The Getty, and The Broad, have amazing exhibitions that you can see all year round. Whether you live in LA or you’re here for a quick visit, don’t miss out on these unforgettable art exhibitions in Los Angeles. Follow our blog for more information on the latest developments in the LA art world!

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