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Unique Diploma Frame Ideas to Display Your Accomplishment With Style

Your diploma is an amazing achievement! It’s the culmination of all your hard work and determination. You should take pride in this symbol of your dedication and make sure you display this piece of paper that showcases your perseverance. 

Wondering how to create a unique diploma frame that shows off your personality and fits in with your decor? Explore this blog from The FrameStore for a few diploma frame ideas!

1. In Floating Glass

If you want to create a modern look for your diploma, we have the perfect diploma frame idea for you — a floating frame! There are many types of floating frames to choose from, including completely clear layouts or illusion frames that make it look as if your diploma is hovering within a gorgeous frame.

2. With A School Photo

photo of a graduating class

You may not want to make extra space for a large shadow box, but you can still add a little something extra to your custom graduation frame with a photo alongside your diploma. Whether you choose to include a photo of yourself, your classmates during graduation, or the most iconic building on campus, this two-part diploma frame idea enhances and personalizes your certificate even more.

3. With The Cap & Stole

a certificate framed beside a medal

The accouterments of your graduation are nearly as important as the diploma you want to frame. Combine all the pieces together into a shadow box display for a unique diploma frame look. Whether it’s your cap and stole or a medal you won during your time at school, we can help you design the layout of the display and create a high-quality custom graduation frame in nearly any color or material.

Shadow boxes are one of our favorite diploma frame ideas because they allow you to display multiple aspects of your time from school instead of just the certificate of your graduation.

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