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A Guide to Picture Frame Types

No matter what you are framing, there are many options for your wall display. Finding the correct frame for your artwork is important to make sure its presentation is chic, modern, and aligns with your decor preferences. Here is a list of four art frame types to help you decide what frame style you want to use in your wall decor.

1. Canvas Print Frames

One of the trendiest ways to show off your photos or artwork is on a framed canvas. Canvas style print allows you to print an image in various dimensions and provides a textured look to the finished work.

Add a custom frame to your canvas print and make it stand out even more. At FrameStore, we offer custom mouldings in a variety of materials for all canvas frame types. Our frame moulding can be color coordinated to ensure an exact match that helps pop the artwork on the canvas.

2. Shadow Box Frames

A shadow box frame is an excellent frame type to display 3D art and memorabilia. Shadow boxes provide depth by setting a photograph further back in the frame or by showcasing items like badges, tassels, flowers, and more.

We create our shadow box frames to meet the exact size and shape of your 3D design. You can add your custom colored moulding to this type of art frame box and share your delightful display with everyone.

a black shadow box with the word “yes” written in gold barbed wire

3. Certificate Display Frame

If you have ever received an award, certificate, or diploma, you know that displaying that achievement is a powerful way to celebrate your proud accomplishment. A certificate display is the perfect frame type to show off your success.

With our framers, you can design a custom certificate frame with the exact dimensions you require and add color-coordinated matting and moulding to add a touch of inspiration. FrameStore believes in preserving your certificate for years to come, so we use museum glass in your award frame.

4. Jersey Frame

If you have a sports fan in the house, a jersey frame is an excellent way to honor their favorite sport. This frame type is set a little deeper between the glass and backing to hold the clothing in place and preserve it from elements such as moisture. You can display, protect, and cherish the jersey for years in a jersey frame.

Let Us Design Your Frame

FrameStore specializes in various types of art framing, from canvas and jerseys to shadow boxes and certificates. Our framing consultants are here to help create your spectacular wall decor. Visit one of our Los Angeles stores today to find the perfect frame type for your cherished artwork or collectible.

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