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How to Arrange Picture Frames on a Gallery Wall

There are many different ways to display art on your walls. If you want to showcase a collection of framed pictures, a gallery wall would provide an excellent approach. Learn how to create a gallery wall with our four simple tips.

4 Steps to Designing a Wall Gallery

1. Choose Your Art

The first step to creating a wall gallery is to choose the art that you plan to hang. You can follow many different artistic styles; whatever suits your personal decor preferences! Here are a few ideas to help you get started on your art choices for your gallery wall:

After choosing your artwork collection, take it to a custom frame store and have the art framed with custom designs that complement your room’s color palette and decor style. You can have moulding and mats that stand out against the room’s paint color or blend with it. Once you frame your pictures, you are ready to move forward on your gallery wall.

2. Create Your Layout

Before hanging your pictures on the wall and hoping they look great, you will want to create your layout on the floor or by lightly tracing your photo spaces on the wall. You can also trace frames with paper and tape the paper to the wall to mark the designated spot for each frame. 

As you prepare your layout, here are a few design tips:

  • If you have furniture along the wall, mark the top of it with tape to know the exact amount of space you have to decorate.
  • The largest art piece should be at eye level.
  • Space gallery wall picture frames three to six inches apart. The larger the picture, the more spacing you should leave between frames. 
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3. Hang Your Art

When you have a layout ready to go, it is time to gather your nails, hooks, or adhesive strips to hang your picture frames. Use the appropriate strength of hanging material for each family photo on your wall gallery to ensure stability and security. 

4. Appreciate Your Work

When you finish hanging your artwork, stand back and enjoy your masterpiece. You have created a wall gallery that you will enjoy for a lifetime. 

FrameStore Can Help

No matter how you create and arrange your gallery wall picture frames, FrameStore is here to help. Our expert designers create custom frames for your art needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your wall display.

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