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Wall Art Ideas to Hang Above Your Couch

Designing the home decor in your space can be a challenge if you’ve never done it before. For many, the blank space above their couch is the biggest hurdle they have to tackle on their home decor journey. If you have a beautiful blank wall and you’re not sure what to do with it, FrameStore can help you come up with design ideas for wall art above your couch. Check out our ideas for styling the wall art behind your couch today!

1. Giant Mirrors

If you have a smaller living room space, you want to make it feel large and expansive. Lighter colors, minimalist decor, and mirrors can help! With a large mirror above and behind your couch, you’re creating a focal point, adding more light to the room, and creating the illusion of more space. This wall art behind your couch is also a great choice if you already have a console table flush against the wall because it grounds the area and provides more room for hosting and decor. Just don’t forget to frame the mirror to cover de-silvered edges and elevate the look of the piece.

2. Gallery Style Wall

gallery style wall art above the couch

Do you struggle to choose just one thing for the wall art above your couch? Gallery-style decor is the perfect solution for you! With this approach, you can incorporate many different elements into your decor. Seamlessly blend photos and art of different mediums and sizes while ensuring a common thread exists in the form of matching custom frames, themes, or colors. No matter how you arrange the wall art in the space, the matching frames will create cohesion in your design. 

3. One Big Piece

A singular piece of wall art above your couch can have just as much impact as a gallery-style design or art grid layout. Consider massive pieces that fill the entire blank space to create a unique focal point in the living room. If your current decor is full of neutral tones and hues, we recommend adding a pop of color with your artwork. Living room full of prints and colors? Opt for a black and white piece to add a little contrast.

4. Create an Art Grid

grid wall art above the couch

An art grid is similar to a gallery-style wall because it includes multiple pieces, but instead of a whimsical, free-spirited organization, you have a more structured, balanced layout. Your art grid can simply be two complementary pieces or incorporate six pieces, nine pieces, or more! As long as the layout is created along a balanced grid and all the pieces are the same size and shape, you can develop a beautiful design.

When you choose a grid layout for the wall art above your couch, keep in mind that all the pieces should be in the same medium, theme, size, and frame for a regulated, regimented look.

Inspired to start working on the wall art above your couch? Reach out to FrameStore for framing ideas and quotes!

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