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How to Arrange Wall Art

Wall Art Grouping Ideas & More

If you’re wondering how to arrange wall art in your home or office, FrameStore is here with a handy guide that can help. In just four steps, we can guide you through the entire process and provide some wall art grouping ideas to get you started. Read on here and explore your options with FrameStore today!

1. Choose a Wall

a living room wall without art above a white sofa with cushions

The first step to follow as you learn how to arrange wall art is choosing the space itself. Any wall where you place art will become one of the focal points of the space, so choose carefully. If the room you’re decorating is your office, maybe the wall behind your desk is the best choice. Are you arranging art in your bedroom? You might want to place all the art on the opposite wall from the bed so you can see it.

You should also consider the type of art you’re planning to hang. Large scale pieces should go on walls that have plenty of space, but small pieces will get lost in big areas. Instead, they should be placed between doors and windows or clustered together on a slightly larger wall in a gallery-style design.

2. Count & Measure

wall art in the living room

Once you’ve chosen a wall, you need to count the number of pieces you want to hang and measure everything to ensure it fits. We recommend placing your wall art at eye level so that it’s comfortable to view. You don’t want anybody to have to crane their necks or bend over to enjoy your beautiful decor. If you’re grouping several pieces together, make sure you have enough space to place them a little bit apart to avoid overcrowding.

3. Create a Design

a set of four framed pieces of wall art above a side table

How you arrange the wall art itself is key. You can go either symmetrical or asymmetrical, but you must provide balance, or it won’t be pleasant for anyone to view your art.


If you prefer symmetrical wall art grouping ideas, you’ll end up with something orderly and organized. You can create a grid with four, six, or nine pieces or arrange all your pieces in a single row. Your grouping will depend on the overall size of the wall you’ve chosen.


Asymmetrical arrangements will create a more eclectic feel for your space, and it’s a great choice for pieces of different sizes, orientations, and styles. Strive for some sort of continuity within the cluster, like matching frames, a singular theme, or set distances between each piece.

Creating Balance

Creating balance is essential when considering how to arrange your wall art. It can help to draw an invisible line along the middle of your chosen wall to make sure there’s an equal amount of visual weight on either side. Even if your art pieces are different sizes or different size clusters, you can still maintain balance by ensuring the same amount of space is covered on either side of the centerline. 

You might also want to create a focal point by hanging the largest pieces in the center or near the bottom of your cluster. Work from the inside out, adding smaller pieces as you go with an occasional medium-sized piece in between.

4. Rearrange Furniture

wall art arranged above living room furniture

If there’s furniture along the wall where you’re arranging your art, you must leave enough space between the hanging pieces and the furniture so it doesn’t feel cramped. Whether it’s a console table or a sofa, you may end up moving the furniture or centering it along the wall to create a comfortable display.

All Done!

You’ve learned how to arrange your wall art, and the design element is complete! Now it’s time to implement your ideas and make them a reality. You can always turn to the experts at FrameStore for help getting your pieces framed and mounted. 

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