Custom Canvas Frames

Do you have a stretched canvas piece that you’d like framed? At FrameStore, we specialize in custom canvas frames for all shapes and sizes. Whether you still need your canvas stretched or your piece is ready to frame, we can take your art from work-in-progress to display-ready in no time. Use our framing services to enhance the beauty of your canvas piece and protect it from UV rays, dust, and other contaminants today!

We serve all of Los Angeles, so come down and see us at your local FrameStore location to discuss how our team of design experts can help with your framing needs.

Canvas Floater Frames

If you’re not sure how to frame a canvas painting, our design experts have the experience to help! Our most popular selections for stretch canvas pieces are the canvas floater frames, also known as canvas box frames.

A floater frame is a wood frame that extends slightly beyond the dimensions of your artwork and makes it seem as though the piece is floating inside the frame. In reality, the art is securely mounted onto the frame and glass to ensure nothing can bump, wiggle, or shake it loose. We can create floater frames in various sizes and a number of wood tones, styles, and colors to provide an exact fit for your artwork.

Is a Custom Floater Frame Right for Every Canvas?

Canvas picture frames are best suited for canvas pieces less than 2” deep. We do not recommend them for anything thicker than 2”, and they are not suitable for paper. If you want a custom floater frame for larger, three-dimensional pieces, we recommend exploring our custom shadow box frames. This framing design is for housing art or memorabilia with depth, such as trophies or sculptures. We love this versatile framing for graduation caps and gowns, jerseys and balls, musical instruments, comic books, and so much more!

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40+ Years Serving LA

With more than 40 years of framing experience serving the Los Angeles area, our picture framing professionals can create the best custom canvas frame for any piece — even larger painting pieces that need heavy-duty frames and a more secure mounting system. At FrameStore, you never have to discuss your framing project with a store clerk. You’ll always work with one of our qualified design consultants from the very beginning! They can help you choose the right frame option for the specific piece you have, match your current decor aesthetic, and review any other special requests for your framing project.

We’re the Pros

Unlike your local craft store, FrameStore employs picture framing professionals at every location to handle the unique aspects of crafting your custom canvas frames. We deliver museum-quality framing work with every order. We’ve even made some for actual museums and galleries!

When your framing project is complete, a master craftsman will inspect it to ensure it meets our exact quality standards before we turn it over to you for a final look. We want to make sure you’re happy with the way we frame your stretched canvas art, memorabilia, or any other art you bring to us for framing and preservation, so we check in with you to ensure our work is on the right track.

Premium Quality Design

At FrameStore, we want to be your custom framers for life! We look forward to collaborating with you to create picture framing solutions for your canvases and other artwork, as well as paintings, portraits, family photos, sports jerseys and memorabilia, and anything else you have that needs a unique, protective frame. Our frames for canvas paintings can take a portrait or piece of artwork and turn it into a dramatic centerpiece for any room. Additionally, they give stretched canvases a more finished look that matches the other furnishings in your display space.

FrameStore Testimonials

"I used FrameStore for the first time because you framed for museums. I've used you sixteen times since because nobody beats your prices. Plain and simple, there's only one FrameStore."

- Linda Mueller, Interior Designer

"I decided to honor my mom for Mother's Day with something made especially for her – a beautiful framed collection of family memories. She removed the wrapping, took one look at the piece, put her arms around me and began to cry."

-Marilyn Stanly, Writer

"Let's see . . . my graduation, my wedding, my children's art, my anniversary . . . by last count, 14 pieces. All perfectly framed and placed by the company that knows only one level of service . . . perfection."

-Michael Youngstown, Contractor

"'Think of your life as a book' you said. What events have been most important? These are the stories I've had you frame. And boy, are you a great storyteller."

-Susan Marks, Teacher

Types of Frames

We can help you frame more than just professional art! The team at FrameStore can also provide you with the perfect frame, matting, and molding for:


Turn Your Home into a Personalized Museum with Our Custom Canvas Frames

If art is worth displaying, it’s worth displaying well. Come to the Los Angeles canvas framing professionals who know how to protect, preserve, and show any piece off to its full potential!

Our specialty is finding ways to protect your treasured art and other items while displaying them for all to see. We’re not just professional framers for the Los Angeles area — we’re also storytellers with a unique vision and the talent to bring your ideas to life.

Better yet, we have a 110% price match guarantee and over 40 years of delighting our customers including major companies such as The Walt Disney Company, AT&T, and Cigna. We look forward to the chance to serve you, too!

Come See Us!

If you’re ready to start designing the perfect custom canvas picture frame for your artwork, make an appointment at one of our FrameStore locations, or drop by in person to chat with our team. We also offer in-home or in-office visits and appointments so that we can better understand the full context of your needs. We can measure your wall space, color match the decor, and much more to ensure the perfect fit!

Whether you already have a vision or you’d like us to provide you with our professional opinion, we’re here to serve you! From our classical canvas frames and canvas box frames to modern frames of every shape and texture, we are happy to help you choose the best custom canvas frame options for your painting piece.

Give us a call or schedule an appointment when you fill out our contact form today!