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3 Memorial Gift Ideas to Remember a Loved One

At FrameStore, we are often asked for memorial gift ideas to help a customer (or someone they know) celebrate and remember a loved one. Gifts like this are personal without being intrusive and touching without being overly sentimental.

Today in the FrameStore Blog, we discuss some of our favorite memorial framing options.

1. Custom Framed Portrait

Portraiture is a classic way of immortalizing the memory of an individual, which makes it a quintessential memorial gift idea. This could be a commissioned painting—either a painting of an existing photograph or a fully original painting—or it could be a framed photo print.

We leave that choice to you. As custom framers, our role is to create the perfect individualized frame to bring out the full aesthetic potential of the artwork as well as to complement and focus the decor of the room where the picture will be displayed.

A custom-framed portrait is one of the most elegant and formal memorial gift ideas, and, coming from the right person, it can be a powerful symbol of remembrance and life.

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2. Framed Picture Collage

For many people, an entire portrait is a bit too much, or perhaps there isn’t a suitable image available for framing. Another option is a framed picture collage, one of the most universally appealing and accessible memorial gift ideas.

With a framed collage, you can illustrate the eras, triumphs, and relationships of one who has passed away. You can compare and contrast the seasons of a person’s life, or you can focus on their career, family, or some other aspect of life that was important to them or to those who loved them.

A collage is a dignified and accessible way to remember a loved one. Gifts for a memorial can be very difficult, and a custom-framed photo collage is often the perfect answer.

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3. A Shadow Box to Commemorate Life’s Highlights

Shadow boxes are essentially “frames for objects with depth.” If you wanted to frame a sculpture, musical instrument, or antique, you would choose a shadow box. Shadow boxes make for one of the most versatile memorial gift ideas because they are perfect for displaying a huge variety of mementos and other small-to-midsize objects that highlight a loved one’s most cherished or most important moments.

Shadow boxes are also ideal for creating a layered display that creates a strong impression of depth, which adds a new dimension to the presentation. Many people agree this looks very compelling when viewed in person. When you visit your local FrameStore location, you’ll be able to see examples of this for yourself.

Here are some shadow box memorial gift ideas:

  • Life in Summary: Display a memento from every season of an individual’s life, from baby shoes to a wedding garment, to a professional award, to a walking cane.
  • Spirit of Service: Display pieces related to the loved one’s greatest passion in life, such as career-related memorabilia like a uniform, name plaque, “lucky” ink pen, or other objects that were important to them in their work or emblematic of their work’s value to others.
  • Greatest Moments: Showcase an individual’s biggest accomplishments or proudest possessions with mementos, photos, and other memorabilia.

This is a tasteful and touching way to remember a loved one. Gifts like a shadow box are meaningful, elegant, and decorate a home without creating clutter.

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Celebrate Life with Help from FrameStore

We hope these memorial gift ideas fill you with inspiration. For more inspiration, or to begin commissioning your order, drop by and visit us. We welcome appointments and walk-ins.

Our custom frames and shadow boxes use archival-grade glass and construction, protecting your cherished pieces from light and dust. Many of our customers are galleries and museums, so you can rest assured that a FrameStore frame is a high-quality choice to remember a loved one. Gifts of a custom frame from us aren’t as expensive as you might expect, either. We are currently offering a 50% off coupon, and our wholesale savings begin at just four frames if you’d like to commission a series or tackle multiple framing projects at once.

We have several FrameStore locations across Los Angeles to serve you. Contact us today, or drop by to discuss memorial gift ideas with a design consultant.

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