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Best Art Websites for Kids

Online Museums for Kids

Getting kids and teens interested in art takes more than a visit or two to a staid museum where they have to be quiet and aren’t allowed to touch anything. Even before COVID-19 closed many galleries, museums were already developing interactive exhibits online and in person to appeal to younger audiences and their families. If you want to learn more about the best art websites for kids, FrameStore has the answers. Explore our top five online museums for kids to excite and interest them!


MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art, is a great choice for online art exploration. They offer a program called Destination Modern Art that allows you to explore the museum digitally with lots of fun animations and activities. Kids can listen to descriptions of paintings, create their own online collages, and much more — all online. Specifically designed as an art website for kids, all of the activities and exhibits are child-appropriate.

2. The Tate

entrance to the Tate Museum

The Tate is a London museum that has worked very hard to create a fantastic array of online content for kids who want to explore its art. From art quizzes and art history to hands-on opportunities and prompts for creating art, there’s so much for kids to do! It’s one of the best free art websites for kids of all ages to explore art through interactive content. In addition to their regular online gallery, The Tate website also hosts a kids’ art gallery where your children can see art created by children their own age.

3. The Getty

A longtime favorite among adults and kids, The Getty Museum offers its own interactive online content. With activities and exhibitions for everyone from kindergarten through high school, they’ve even developed apps to create a positive local community for art lovers. Explore art-making activities for kids at home as well as videos, stories, and tours to help teachers expand the classroom!

4. The Cayton Children’s Museum

Another local favorite, the Cayton Children’s Museum is passionate about providing art education for kids. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cayton developed 30-minute long virtual field trips for children in kindergarten through third grade. These activities safely provide both interactive play and creative expression, nurturing your child’s creativity.

5. California Science Center

With both art and science rolled into one, the California Science Center offers a lot of content for teachers and parents. Virtual field trips, on-demand videos, and activity guides are separated into grade and age levels to allow you to navigate appropriate content for your kids more easily. Guides for kindergarten through fifth grade are available in both English and Spanish, making the California Science Center a very inclusive art website for kids from all over the world!

More Online Museums

Whether it’s the Pasadena Museum of History or the Discovery Cube, most well-known museums offer an art website for kids that uses technology to teach and excite children of all ages. As technology evolves, these types of websites will become even more interactive and accessible. While a website can’t replace the feeling of awe inspired by seeing paintings and sculptures in person, it’s the perfect transitional medium from which kids can start their journey into the art world. These are some of our favorite online museums for kids. If you have your own favorite museums, check out their websites as well to explore their online offerings and see if they have any child-focused options.

As your child learns to appreciate art, remember to celebrate their own creative endeavors. Framing their best pieces will show them how much you value their work. To get a custom frame for your children’s art, visit a FrameStore location today.

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