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Display Your Favorite Sports Memorabilia in Style with Jersey Frames

Sports are an unforgettable part of many people’s lives. Whether as an athlete yourself, the proud parent of an athlete, or simply a passionate sports fan, there is nothing in the world that matches the sheer excitement of a thrilling game.

To keep those memories close to home, many people collect sports memorabilia. And no piece of memorabilia is as iconic as an authentic sports jersey worn by a star. Great jerseys deserve great jersey frames to keep them in, so today in the FrameStore Blog, we’re taking a closer look at displaying your favorite sports memorabilia with custom jersey framing.

How Sports Memorabilia Framing Works

a white jersey in a dark frame.

When you want to display sports memorabilia, framing is the most professional way to do it. A good frame keeps memorabilia from becoming dirty or wrinkled, and it displays your items clearly and prominently so that they become a focal point of the room. As with our traditional canvas frames, a jersey frame is constructed to perfectly hold onto a sports jersey, which is a bit thicker than canvas.

Why It’s Important to Frame Your Memorabilia

One of the biggest reasons to frame your jerseys is to preserve them. At FrameStore, we use archival-grade glass and construction, the same as you’d find in a museum. (In fact, our customers include many art galleries and museums.)

But there’s another reason that’s just as important: Framing your memorabilia makes a statement. For college or professional memorabilia that you have collected as a fan, a custom jersey frame is a statement about your tastes and style. If you are a former athlete yourself or are a parent to one, jersey framing is a great way to celebrate and immortalize those accomplishments, serving as a point of pride and bringing back exciting memories every time you see the piece.

Get Your Own Jersey Frame: Visit FrameStore Today!

You should frame your jerseys as soon as you get them. Otherwise, years have a way of passing by while your memorabilia collects dust.

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We look forward to working with you on the perfect jersey framing for your memorabilia! Contact us today to schedule an appointment, or simply drop in!

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