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**In home/office consultations available by appointment.**

Frame selection, quality, and personal service. A professional custom frame store will choose every element to bring out the best in the piece and custom-cut everything to fit properly.

Ready-made frames can do neither, and the matboard sometimes included with the frame contains acid, which can damage the work over time. You also have more options at a custom frame shop, such as UV-protection glass, suede or silk mats, and a plethora of different frames

The matting and backing materials should be preservation-grade & acid-free.

In general, the best mat border width is determined by a number of factors, including the overall size of the piece, the width of the moulding, and the particular hue and value of the mats and the art. In general, the goal is to attempt to give the art enough "space" inside the frame to allow the eye to rest upon the art without being distracted or crowded in by the framing.

Feel free to bring your piece in to our custom frame consultant — FrameStore can help. The best designs are created based on your tastes, the hanging location, and the aesthetics of the item itself. This way, the framing is customized for your piece, rather than being a standard design.

There is no charge for design consultation, and our design professional will be able to show you samples and ideas, at FrameStore we provide individual advice and a custom quote

A variety of glass and acrylic selections are now available. Regular glass and Plexi-glass are the most cost effective. Optium Acrylic and Museum Glass will provide the ultimate UV protection and museum quality clarity.

There are a number of basic characteristics of framing that will help to maintain the condition of your piece. The glazing (glass or acrylic) should be UV-protective to help prevent damage to your item from ultraviolet light.

*Since UV light rays come from indoor and outdoor light sources, all items on display are vulnerable to the damaging effects of UV light exposure. That’s why it is important to use glass with at least 97% UV protection on all of your custom framing jobs. Conservation framing materials and techniques should be used on sentimental, valuable, limited edition and one-of-a-kind artwork.

Also, use UV protection glass on all works of art you want to protect, especially posters and open edition prints. Posters or open edition prints are more susceptible to UV light damage since the inks, papers and other materials used to create them are more likely to deteriorate than those used in higher end reproductions.

*Without at least 97% UV protection framed pieces will age and fade more rapidly. Indoor and outdoor UV light rays contribute to severe color loss, paper embrittlement and deterioration of framed pieces. These effects are both cumulative and irreversible. The materials that make up the piece, the paper or fabric on which the image is displayed, may become brittle. Photos may appear yellow or stained with ghostly silver deposits rising to the surface. Once damage from light has occurred, it can never be reversed.

*Information provided by Tru-Vue

Always use picture hangers for strength and security and maintaining straight placement. When hanging art above furniture the general rule is between 6 and 8 inches. If your art is not going to be above furniture, hang your pictures at average eye-level.

To hang the piece at your chosen height you will need to measure how far from the top of the picture the hanging wire will hit when hanging on a nail. If the top of your picture should hang 72" from the floor, and the hanging wire hits 4 inches below, your nail will have to be 68" from the floor centered with your picture. (Use a light pencil mark on your wall.) 

For artwork up to 150 lbs., our FrameStore professionals recommend using 2 hangers (75 lb.) on the wall. Two strap hangers (or "D- Rings") should be attached to the artwork with no wire. Strap-hangers hook directly onto hangers in the wall and be sure weight is evenly distributed between the hangers

**Picture hangers that use multiple, smaller nails rather than a single large nail or wall anchors generally leave less damage and are easier to fill and touch up later.**

For multi-dimensional pieces, we at FrameStore typically use a very deep frame called a shadow box.

At FrameStore, we can frame most things, including but not limited to: photographs, fine art, certificates, canvas art, needlecraft and cross stitch, fabric artwork, sport jerseys, memorabilia and collectibles, multi-dimensional objects, posters, and more.

It varies, depending on the size of the piece to be framed and the materials you choose. Larger works of art and more ornate frames and mats will be more expensive, while smaller things, posters, and simple frames will be less expensive.

Due to various custom framing options, it is best to pinpoint a price by bringing the artwork in the shop and picking out a frame, and we'll happily give you a free estimate when you bring it in.

Ten days to two weeks give or take. If we have the materials in stock, we could possibly complete it sooner. Sometimes it is possible to do some things in less than 3-7 days.

That's why we're here! Our custom framing design specialists help you find the color, texture, and style of framing, matting, and type of glass that best enhances the artwork.