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Museum Grade Framing

Here at the FrameStore, we are proud to serve the Los Angeles area with conservation framing and museum quality frames that last. No one wants to create the perfect framed look for an important piece, only to have it not be a durable protection and display for their artwork. With the comfort and conservation assured with FrameStore quality, you can get the kind of lasting framework that is the standard for museums and art collectors. Plus, with customization control, you can ensure all the little details are just the way you like.


What Counts as Conservation Quality (And What Doesn’t)

When it comes to conservation framing, the goal is to keep the work of art preserved correctly while still being displayed, so it can be enjoyed for years to come. Of course, every piece is unique, and conservation methods or requirements may vary. For example, art created on different mediums will have different challenges and needs in terms of display and conservation. Still, there are overarching principles for what constitutes a museum quality frame. Choosing conservation glass for picture frames or artwork can almost entirely eliminate the UV light that would otherwise cause the image to fade over time.

There are a variety of possibilities for picture framing materials, but some are better than others from a conservation perspective. Metal art frames are almost never conservation quality, and neither are the typical mass-produced factory-made style frames or any frames that don’t use separating spacers called mats to protect the artwork from the glass. This is what’s required for picture framing with conservation glass.

Securing a Museum Quality Frame: The Basics

Depending on the type of artwork needing to undergo conservation framing, certain steps may be critical or not apply. One principle that applies universally is that museum level framing must use at least 97% UV-filtered glazing materials. The FrameStore can help you to secure this type of protective conservation glass picture framing.

In general, fine art needs a service called conservation glazing, a clear sheet over the face of a work of art to provide protection from any dust, pollution, or environmental factors such as harmful UV light that could damage the piece over time. Glazing can be glass or plastic, and it needs sufficient spacing to make for a real museum quality frame. That level of spacing varies; pastels and charcoals, for instance, need at least 5 to 6 mm of clearance from the glazing. Our trained team is well aware of the individual needs for your artwork’s glazing and spacing. If a piece of art includes historic glass, our experts can also help that element to be preserved in as natural a state as possible, allowing for the best conservation framing practices to keep your artwork safe.

Glazing and spacing are important, but only some of the aspects of conservation framing, which also involves the special requirements for mounting. A museum-grade mount board is made of the highest quality material available, designed for permanent framing with long-term durability. Hinges also come into play here, with any adhesives used for hinges or mounting being completely free of any materials or chemicals that could stain or otherwise damage the artwork over time. At the FrameStore, we can ensure the best museum-quality pieces.

Testimonials on the FrameStore Museum Quality

The FrameStore is proud to have crafted custom frames for museums, private art collectors, businesses, and individuals, providing the service of full conservation framing with personalization options. Hear the details from the testimonials below.

“I used FrameStore for the first time because you framed for museums. I’ve used you sixteen times since because nobody beats your prices. Plain and simple, there’s only one FrameStore.”
– Linda Mueller, Interior Designer
“I decided to honor my mom for Mother’s Day with something made especially for her – a beautiful framed collection of family memories. She removed the wrapping, took one look at the piece, put her arms around me and began to cry.”
-Marilyn Stanly, Writer
“Let’s see . . . my graduation, my wedding, my children’s art, my anniversary . . . by last count, 14 pieces. All perfectly framed and placed by the company that knows only one level of service . . . perfection.”
-Michael Youngstown, Contractor
“Let’s see . . . my graduation, my wedding, my children’s art, my anniversary . . . by last count, 14 pieces. All perfectly framed and placed by the company that knows only one level of service . . . perfection.”
-Susan Marks, Contractor

Conserve Your Artwork with Quality Custom Frames

The FrameStore is proud to provide conservation framing with customizable options personalized to your specifications. Our specialists will help you design a durable museum quality frame for your art piece that you want to conserve properly and display with pride. Discuss with us to see what makes sense for your unique work of art, and we’ll create a one-of-a-kind plan towards a one-of-a-kind solution.

We offer the convenience of in-home and in-office consultations, so an expert can work directly with you to see your work of art in the place where it will be displayed. Our custom frame designs can include that museum quality frame for true conservation framing.

You can come to see us in our FrameStore locations in and around Los Angeles, or you can reach us through phone and/or the online contact form. Reach out to us to get started!

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