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Shadow Box Frame Ideas

Whether you want to decorate your home with keepsakes, art, or anything else, a shadow box could be the perfect way to display these items. From jersey shadow box ideas to pet memorial frame ideas, FrameStore can help you explore your many options. Check out our overview of shadow boxes and choose from our favorite custom shadow box frame styles!

What Is A Shadow Box?

You might be familiar with traditional canvas or picture frames, but shadow boxes are a bit different. These types of frames are more like wall-mounted display cases that allow you to showcase items with more depth. You can set things in your box at different heights and create a dramatic visual effect through the shadowing of these three-dimensional fillings.

Some of the items you might feature in a shadow box include:

Another shadow box frame idea is to fill the space with seashells, wine corks, and other collectibles.

Shadow Box Frame Ideas

We have many ideas about how to customize your shadow box frames to match your aesthetic and enhance the objects you’re showcasing. If you’re looking for jersey shadow box ideas, you might consider a frame that matches the team’s colors. Considering a shadow box to showcase a wedding bouquet? A rustic wooden frame could offset your dried flowers perfectly!

Large Format Frames

This shadow box frame idea is really for weapons and musical instruments that you never plan to use. Whether you want to display a guitar from your favorite musician or an ancient samurai sword from Japan, set the piece in a shadow box with a colorful velvet backing. A deep navy could highlight the metallic sheen of your blade, or a bold red could accent the colors of your guitar.

Sports Memorabilia Framing

We love shadow boxes for sports memorabilia because you can put multiple items in the same frame. Arrange a jersey, player’s card, and signed ball in the same frame against a black or white background to let your collection speak for itself. We prefer a simple frame style for this display style because you want the bright jersey colors and signatures to be the main event!

Pet Remembrance Framing

Many people choose to commemorate their pets with a shadow box. We’ve seen people place their collar, a photo, and maybe their pet’s favorite toy inside the shadow box. These items are generally very simple, so you might want to enhance the entire piece with a more ornate metal frame with scrollwork and carving around the sides.

Custom Framing at FrameStore

a vintage truck toy in a shadow box

At FrameStore, we’re all about bringing your vision to life, whatever you’re trying to display. From fine art to collectibles, we’ve done it all. Explore our custom framing options and work with our framing experts to design the perfect frame for your memorabilia!

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