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Top 5 Creative Wedding Photo Display Ideas

Today in the FrameStore Blog, we’re looking at our favorite wedding photo display ideas: wall collages, panoramas, albums, and more!

Your special day is something to hold dear for the rest of your life. That’s why it’s so important to have a good wedding photographer and to elevate that photography with professionally designed picture frames. At FrameStore, we build custom picture frames to suit any style. But more on that later. For now, let’s get to the list!

1. Create a Wall Panorama

For creating a true centerpiece or visual focal point for a room, an ambitious multi-piece panorama is one of our favorite wedding photo display ideas. Wall panoramas consist of multiple framed photos, arranged together side by side (or, more rarely, one on top of the other) to show a single larger image.

The effect is quite striking and allows you to show off much larger pictures by breaking them into multiple pieces. The picture frames also contribute to the striking impact, as they deeply intersperse and complement the panorama.

Popular panoramas include:

  • The happy couple together with their bridesmaids and/or groomsmen.
  • The wedding venue itself.
  • An epic honeymoon destination.

These are all great wedding photo display ideas! If your wedding is still ahead, you can work with your photographer to specifically design a panorama photo, so that you won’t miss anything important in the small gaps between the photos as they hang on the wall.

2. Make a Wall Collage

It might be the most popular and iconic of all wedding photo display ideas: wall collages! By taking a selection of your favorite wedding or honeymoon photos and putting them together on one wall, you can create something really special. And you can control the size and number of photos to make a more modest collage or one that’s shamelessly big.

You can create a collage in two different ways:

  1. The more traditional way is to make your collage within a single framed piece (or multiple framed pieces), putting multiple photos together inside the same frame to create a theme, using matte cutouts for a professional look. This is a classic design style that has been popular for generations and is still going strong today. Among our customers, it’s one of the most commonly requested wedding photo display ideas.
  1. A bolder option is to use the wall itself as your medium and create a framed piece for each individual photo, arranging the photos and the different frames together for a more modern look with a bit of an edge.

3. Create a Leaning Photo Display for Mantle or Shelf

If you’re looking for clean, minimalist wedding photo display ideas that have a lot of heart and personality, consider a leaning photo display. Leaning photos are nothing new, though traditionally the frame has had its own little arm to lean on.

A modern spin on this is to dispense with the arm and lean the photo directly against the wall with no support. This creates a friendly, casual look that humanizes the people in the photos and also makes a room feel more personal and lived-in.

Leaning photos work best on a mantle, shelf, or display cabinet. Be aware that, since they lean, these photos have to be dusted a little more often!

4. Put Together a Photo Album

For more great wedding photo display ideas, wall photos are not the only options. Another choice that has remained popular is a wedding photo album. Wedding albums are a great way to show off more photos while saving on wall space.

A coffee table wedding photo album can also be highly conversational, a great way to share memories or start conversations with friends and family who come to visit.

5. Showcase More Than Just Photos with a Wedding Shadow Box

There are so many inspiring wedding photo display ideas: wall collages, albums, panoramas. But there’s more to remember from a wedding than just photos! What about other mementos, like your announcement, or the cards you received, or flowers from the ceremony?

This is why wedding shadow boxes are becoming more popular. A shadow box is like a picture frame, but it’s designed for objects with depth. They’re perfect for creating a self-contained display. What goes in the display is entirely up to you. The extra 3D space inside the shadow box lets you play around with the depth of placement for the different objects.

Wedding shadow boxes are works of art, and the results can be very impressive! At FrameStore, we build custom shadow boxes as well as custom picture frames.

Show Off Your Wedding with Custom Frames by FrameStore

Our wedding photo display ideas—wall panoramas, albums, and all the rest—share a common theme: quality. For your wedding photos, you don’t want to buy some mass-produced frames from a big box store. You want something special, something personal. At FrameStore, that’s our specialty.

We build custom frames that bring out all the best details of a photo or other memento. We have thousands of base templates to choose from, and a virtually infinite number of possible design combinations, giving you a truly one-of-a-kind result. And we do it far faster than the competition, often with as little as a 5-day turnaround. (The industry average is 3 weeks!) Our frames are museum-quality, and in fact, we supply frames to museums around Los Angeles and the country!

Get Friendly, Professional Service at FrameStore!

We know wedding planning is already enough work as it is. When you visit us, you’ll sit down with one of our designers for a consultation, and we’ll help you create the perfect picture frame or shadow box to match your wedding photo display ideas, while also staying true to the decor in the room where you plan to display the photos.
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