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Why a Custom Framed Piece is a Perfect Gift For Art Lovers

The Best Art Presents

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for the person who has everything, an art present might be the right choice! Whether you need a gift for the holidays, a birthday, or some other kind of celebration, a custom-framed piece is an ideal gift for art lovers. You can shop around for an art print, photograph, or painting and get it framed for a particular spot on their wall. Check out this blog to learn why art is one of the best gifts you can give from the experts at FrameStore.

Can Be Affordable

Contrary to popular belief, giving art can be affordable! If your friend has a passion for a famous artist, but will never be able to afford their own Van Gogh or Monet, you can easily find prints of their works in different sizes. Whether you shop for a print at a museum or buy one online, you can gift the art lovers in your life famous pieces they’ll adore forever at a fraction of the cost of the original. You can customize the size and frame to perfectly fit any space in their home or office.

Show You Know Their Interests

Giving art is pretty tough if you don’t really know the recipient of the gift. You should only give art to people you know inside and out. The only other time you can give an art present with confidence is if your friend or family member has mentioned a specific artist or piece they want to buy. Armed with the knowledge of exactly what they like, you can buy Christmas, Hanukkah, and birthday gifts with confidence.

When you give them the piece they mentioned or something from an artist you know they love, you’re showing that you pay attention to their hobbies and interests. They’ll feel like you truly value their thoughts and ideas.

Help Decorate a New Space

People move home frequently, and decorating a new space can be tough — especially if it’s larger than the space they just left. Art as gifts for art lovers provides them with unique pieces to insert throughout their new home. You don’t always have to give them fine art, either! Print and frame photos of you together, or put a piece of their favorite movie or sports memorabilia in a shadow box!

Inspire Them

man staring at wall art

Art lovers are generally artistic people themselves, constantly searching for inspiration to create. Inspire them with pieces from artists they admire and help them create even more! There is no such thing as too much art in this world. It helps connect people across time and space through evocative design and heartfelt emotion.

Ready to Start?

Whether you’re still searching for the perfect gift for the art lover in your life or you already bought a piece to frame, FrameStore is here to help complete your art present. Bring in any piece you have to a store near you, and we’ll help you design an unforgettable custom frame.

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