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Photo Framing Materials

Here at the Frame Store, we have almost unlimited options available for custom framing. There are a variety of possibilities for photo framing materials, engravings, colors, glass, and other personalizable touches in crafting your unique piece. Learn more about how you can create the perfect custom frame with us.

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Different Types of Photo Frames

Enjoy a variety of photo framing materials, from wood photo frames to metal options, in our guide. Although there are other options that are not primarily wood or metal, such as plastic, we generally prefer to go with the highest quality of materials available for custom projects.

Wood Materials

Wood framing is the absolute best photo framing material you can choose for artwork, bar none. With grain variation and plenty of staining options, wood makes for unique frames. Natural wood is classic and aesthetic. It’s leaps and bounds above metal in terms of quality, longevity, design, and price.

Our wood moulding is kiln-dried, meaning it’s low-maintenance and not susceptible to damage by heat and humidity. It’s also often lower cost than metal moulding. We offer a variety of staining options for our wood photo frames.

Finger-jointed wooden photo frame wood material bonds different pieces of wood together, even scraps, to create uniquely beautiful frames. Environmentally friendly, inexpensive, and plentiful, finger-jointed poplar is a great choice.

Metal Materials

Metal frames can be used for almost anything, but we only recommend it for posters and smaller photos intended for wall mounting. Here at the FrameStore, we offer many metal photo framing materials. Silver can be used, but it is costly and scarce, so this is usually only recommended for specialty projects like framing elegant mirrors. Similarly, while you can use bronze if you want that special tone for the frame, this metal isn’t our most recommended choice, as it can oxidize and dramatically shift in color over time.

Our metal material of choice for custom photo framing is aluminum. It’s lightweight, cost-effective, and durable. Anodized metal frames are almost entirely resistant to corrosion. We can craft aluminum frames for awards, diplomas, and similar memorabilia.

Different Designs for Photo Frames

Once you choose your photo framing materials, next it’s time to decide how those materials will be designed. We offer a variety of options here at the FrameStore. You can craft a one-of-a-kind piece with us.

Floater Frames

Our most popular selections for framing canvas prints and pieces, floater frames provide a frame extending slightly beyond the artwork’s dimensions to make it seem as though the piece is floating inside the frame. Of course, the artwork is securely mounted to the frame so nothing can be bumped or shaken loose. Our customization options include sizing, style, color and more so you can have the exact type of floater frame you want.

We recommend custom floater frames for pieces less than two inches deep. We can also restretch any canvas piece by up to 3 inches to get to the desired depth.

Shadow Box

For larger, three-dimensional pieces that have depth, such as trophies or sculptures, consider our custom shadow box frames. These are essentially wall-mounted display cases, with a lot of flexibility in design styles and dimensions. Talk to our experts for more details about how you can create a shadow box project.

With either a floater or shadow box basic design, there are a variety of customizable elements including:

  • Sizing
  • Coloring (including matting colors)

And really, that’s just the beginning of the choices you enjoy when you work with us!

a matched set of framed nursery artwork with black matte frames

Work With Us on Your Framing Projects

With so many great options, you can’t go wrong! But if it starts to get overwhelming, don’t feel like you’re in this alone. Here at the FrameStore, you can enjoy one-on-one support in customization options for your custom photo framing materials, design, and more. You can chat with us to see if a wooden photo frame material, or another kind might be a good fit for your project.

We are available in person in our Los Angeles FrameStore locations or you can schedule for us to have an in-home or in-office consultation where we come to you. We also provide help over the phone, so don’t hesitate to call or schedule an appointment when you fill out our contact form today!

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